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China and Argentina agree landmark beef deal?- GlobalMeatNews.com -?By Mark Godfrey (अगस्त 5)

Argentina is celebrating the renewal of a beef deal with China, despite a crackdown on antibiotics contamination which saw a large shipment of its meat destroyed by China.

Brexit could mean UK gets more fruit and vegetables from Africa – अभिभावक – By Tom Levitt (अगस्त 5)

More than a third of British supermarkets expect more imports from African countries following the vote to leave the EU


Obama roots for better US-Africa trade dealsThe Star (केन्या) – By Gilbert Koech (अगस्त 6)

US President Barack Obama has signed executive order to support American companies interested in doing business in Africa.


Trump Gets It Wrong: Trade Is a Winner for Americans – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – Commentary by Robert B. Zoellick (अगस्त 7)

Lower taxes on imports from trade deals save the average U.S. household about $10,000 a year.


Killing Free Trade Deals Won?t Magically Bring U.S. Jobs Back – भाग्य – Commentary by Wendy Cutler (अगस्त 6)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership isn?t perfect, but that?s the nature of negotiating.


Editorial: Still backing TPP dealBoston Herald (अगस्त 7)

The agreement provides for reductions in or elimination of tariffs on 18,000 यू.एस. products. This can only help U.S. exporters, who employ almost 12 million people at wages 18 percent above average.


UK could clinch trade deal with EU within two years, says expert – अभिभावक – By Jennifer Rankin (अगस्त 8)

Roderick Abbott, former ambassador to WTO, says Brussels is very unlikely to offer any concessions on freedom of movement


Trade Minister Steven Ciobo mounts full-throated defence of TPP, plans to give India talks another push this year – एबीसी ग्रामीण (ऑस्ट्रेलिया) – By Anna Vidot (अगस्त 10)


Support for TPP Grows as Americans Become More Familiar With Trade DealMorning ConsultBy Ryan Rainey (अगस्त 11)


See also:

Poll: Support for TPP grows – पहाड – By Jessie Hellmann (अगस्त 11)

Support for one of the largest trade deals in a generation is growing as more people learn about it, according to a poll released Thursday.


Clinton suddenly sounds a lot like Trump on tradeCNNMoneyBy Heather Long (अगस्त 11)

“अभी, Clinton says she’s ready to impose tariffs too.


US finds GMO mosquitoes won’t harm environmentJamaica Observer / AFP (अगस्त 6)


Crushing Zika via genetically modified mosquitoesCNBCBy Annetta Miller (अगस्त 8)


Does the anti-GMO foods movement go against science?Aljazeera (अगस्त 7)

Independent scientists and the ‘big sixgo head to head with a distrustful consumer base in the battle against GMOs.



नैन्सी Kavazanjian: Why I grow genetically engineered cropsWisconsin State JournalGuest Column by Nancy Kavazanjian (अगस्त 7)

“[मैं]t?s frustrating to see so many misconceptions ? and outright lies ? being spread about a modern, seed-breeding technology that holds so much potential to fight disease, improve nutrition, allow for more precise pesticide use…”


**ध्यान दें – Nancy is also a member of the Global Farmer Network

China backs genetically modified soya beans in push for high-tech agricultureSouth China Morning Post / रायटर (अगस्त 10)


Kenyan seed storage facility to bolster maize R&डी -?SciDevNetBy Sam Otieno (अगस्त 12)


Why Big Pharma Wants to Switch Billions of Farm Animals to Vaccines From Antibiotics – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Jared S. Hopkins (अगस्त 5)

?There are going to be more alternatives than ever before.?


Chinese Regulators Visit U.S. to Study Its Regulatory SystemCrop Biotech Update, ISAAA / NCGA (अगस्त 10)


The Ethics ofAntibiotic-FreeMeatThe Cow Docs, blog (अगस्त 9)

“[ए]s food consumers we have to ask the question, ?Are we comfortable with providing an economic incentive to withhold medical treatment in food animals??”


Non-browning Fuji apple set to gain APHIS approvalAgri-Pulse -?By Stephen Davies?(अगस्त 10)