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**Senate passes GMO labeling compromiseFarm Futures (जुलाई 8)

The Senate on Thursday passed the Roberts-Stabenow compromise on GMO labeling, 63-30″



As Vermont GMO law takes effect, Senate debates national standard -?Minneapolis Star TribuneBy Jim Spencer (जुलाई 2)

Last Friday, Vermont implemented the country?s first law that makes food distributors reveal the presence of genetically engineered ingredientsIn a few weeks, that law could be dead.


How vegetarians, gluten-frees, grain-frees and other L.A. food tribes ruined my BBQ traditionLos Angeles TimesOp-ed by Robin Rauzi (जुलाई 1)

“पीठ में 2011, when the tradition began, I didn?t fully appreciate the proliferation of distinct food tribes, many of which would have starved in the spear-chucking days.


एजी?s aging infrastructure: Capital needed to modernize, expandSouthwest Farm PressBy Ron Smith (जुलाई 5)


France will trial mandatory country of origin labelling for two years?- Food Navigator -?By Niamh Michail?(जुलाई 6)

France will be trialling mandatory country of origin labelling for meat and dairy in prepared foods for two years, a move which has split industry.

Consumer survey suggests Vermont GMO labels ?strongly mislead consumers,? claims CRA?- खाद्य नेविगेटर अमरीका -?By Elaine Watson?(जुलाई 6)

An industry-backed survey of 1,665 online primary shoppers suggests that Vermont?s mandatory GMO labels ?strongly mislead consumers,? claims the Corn Refiners Association (CRA).”

EPA Gives More Time to Comment on Atrazine – AGWEB – By Alison Rice (जुलाई 6)


Report: Vermont Supermarkets Lose 3,000 Products Over GMO Law – AGWEB – बेन पॉटर तक (जुलाई 6)



Obama backtracks on trade warning after Brexit?voteNew York Post / AP (जुलाई 2)

President Barack Obama is backtracking on his warning that Britain would go to the ?back of the queue? for a U.S. trade deal, as he tries to contain the fallout of the U.K.?s decision to leave the European Union.


Potential Clinton VP Perez still supports trade deal – राजनीतिक चालबाज़ी करनेवाला मनुष्य – By Kevin Robillard (जुलाई 3)

संपर्क: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/tom-perez-trade-pacific-225067#ixzz4DT5D1yXM

CETA and TTIP threaten the EU?s precautionary principleEurActiv -?By C?cile Barbi?re;?Translated By Samuel White?(जुलाई 1)


Is Free Trade Dead?Investor’s Business DailyCommentary by Terry Jones (जुलाई 2)

“[सी]riticizing trade deals because they make trade freer is a little like criticizing the Indy 500 because the cars go fast.


Protectionism won’t make America greatColumbia Tribune (Missouri) – By Rich Lowry, Creators Syndicate (जुलाई 5)



***Conflicting messages coming from Europe

TTIP impossible in 2016, French minister saysEurActiv / AFP (जुलाई 5)


TTIP free trade deal between U.S. and EU at dead end: Italy minister – रायटर (जुलाई 5)


EU trade officials reiterate Brexit won’t derail TTIP talksKTIC / DTN/Progressive Farmer (जुलाई 5)



यू.एस. trade chief says China offer falls short, UK could join TPP – रायटर (जुलाई 6)


A Chance for a Catfish VoteThe Wall Street Journal, समीक्षा & Outlook (editorial) (जुलाई 6)

Failing to repeal would set up a WTO showdown that the U.S. could lose.


चीन?s pork imports will hit record highs?- Food Navigator Asia -?By Oscar Rousseau?(जुलाई 6)

Imports of pig meat to China will boom by a third as the government shuts down unsuitable farms and the sow herd shrinks to an historic low, analysts have claimed.

Why Britain Belongs in a New NaftaThe Wall Street JournalOpinion by Robert B. Zoellick (जुलाई 7)

After Brexit, अमेरिका. must help prevent Europe from slipping into nativism and protectionism.


एजी टेक, FOOD SECURITY, अन्य:

रवांडा: Govt to Unveil Position On GMOs Use After Enacting Biosafety Law – allAfrica / Rwanda FocusBy Michel Nkurunziza (जून 30)


Nobelists To Greenpeace: Drop Your Anti-Science Anti-GMO CampaignForbes.comBy Steven Salzberg (जुलाई 4)


नाइजीरिया: Exploring Biotech Cotton Opportunities – allAfrica / Daily Trust (नाइजीरिया) – Opinion by Rose Gidado (जुलाई 3)

A major public policy issue in West Africa is not whether, but how to introduce Bt.-cotton in the region


Inside Scotts Miracle-Gro’s Plan For GMO GrassForbesBy Dan Alexander (जुलाई 26 issue)


Fighting Zika in the US: ?The Battle Over GMO MosquitoesABC NewsBy Gillian Mohney and Justine Quart (जुलाई 6)

How one island in the Florida Keys could change the way we fight mosquito-borne diseases.


1 में 10 People May Face Malnutrition As Fish Catches DeclineNPR, The SaltBy Clare Leschin-Hoar (जून 30)


Why the African food basket should be full of beans and other?दालों?The Conversation – द्वारा?Nokuthula Vilakati?(जुलाई 5)


What Would a World Without GMOs Look Like?National Geographic, The PlateBy April Fulton (जून 29)

Without genetically-modified foods, we might have to give up oranges and resign ourselves to living with avian flu and more malnutrition.


Companies woo consumers with GMO crops with health benefits?- Des Moines RegisterBy Christopher Doering (जुलाई 8)

DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto and other companies working on genetically modified technologies are?focusing more?attention on creating foods that improve public health and provide convenience for shoppers.