एजी जैव प्रौद्योगिकी से संबंधित समाचार आइटम, व्यापार ? और शायद कृषि से जुड़ी कुछ अन्य दिलचस्प चीजें ? सप्ताह भर इस पृष्ठ पर पोस्ट किया जाएगा (newly added items will be in हरा वर्गों के तल पर). ?Be sure to check in regularly!


EPA committee reportedly classifies glyphosate as ?not likely carcinogenic?Southwest Farm PressBy Forrest Laws (मई 5)

“ईपीए?s Cancer Assessment Review Committee appears to have published an official classification of glyphosate as ?not likely to be carcinogenic.? But the status of the action is unclear because EPA pulled the committee?s report offline.


Smith Questions EPA?s Removal of Final Report – यू.एस. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, & प्रौद्योगिकी – प्रेस विज्ञप्ति (मई 4)

“विज्ञान, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith today sent a letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (ईपीए) Administrator Gina McCarthy requesting documents and communications related to a risk assessment for glyphosate prepared by the Cancer Assessment Review Committee (CARC).”


Cassava genome mapped to help boost its qualities – SciDevNet – By Baraka Rateng (मई 9)

A research team in Kenya spent four years decoding the DNA, the genetic material, of the cassava plant, which is widely farmed and eaten across the tropics.


Corporate organic emerges -?Brownfield Ag NewsBy Steve Kopperud (मई 6)

“आज, the small, independent producers ? unless they can survive selling at farmers? markets ? are either consolidating or being rapidly supplanted?by national and multinational food companies who like that organic ?premium? and can provide to the Costcos and the Walmarts consistent product supply.


वरमोंट?s immediate impact is becoming clearerFood Business News – खy Keith Nunes (मई 3)

Yet once the labels are in place, one has to wonder what genuine benefits will result.


यू.एस. traders reject GMO crops that lack global approval – रायटर – By Tom Polansek and Karl Plume (मई 6)

“अमेरिका. farm sector is trying to avoid a repeat of the turmoil that occurred in 2013 तथा 2014, when China turned away boatloads of U.S. मक्का…”


You Can Thank Genetic Engineering For Your Delicious CheeseGizmodoBy Levi Gadye (मई 5)

By any measure, the use of GMOs in the production of cheese is among the greatest feats of modern food science. But today, that achievement is often ignored, disowned, and overlooked.


California looks at easing drought cuts after wet winterWashington PostBy Ellen Knickmeyer, AP (मई 9)

Members of the state Water Resources Control Boardczars of the state?s drought emergency programwill decide May 18 whether to remove the 11-month-old statewide order.


Why Many Midwestern Farmers Are Pro-TPP – एनपीआर, नमक – By Kristofor Husted (मई 9)

Free trade agreements remove tariffs on products we import, but also on food grown here that we export to other markets. That opens the door to get more beef, soybeans and rice into other countries at more competitive prices.


Clinton sets the record straight on her free trade stanceCBS NewsBy Tim Perry (मई 9)

During his interview with Clinton, “Face the Nationhost John Dickerson asked her to respond…”


Free Tradeoffs: TTIP is FlawedBut NecessarySpiegel Online (जर्मनी) -?By Michael Sauga (मई 9)

“यहाँ, तथापि, is what critics are overlooking: Germany is an export nation whose success largely depends on it determining relevant global standards.


70% of Africans make a living through agriculture, and technology could transform their world – विश्व आर्थिक मंच – By Mamadou Biteye (मई 6)

Technology is not just about ICT or mobile access, but frankly any tool that makes work or life easier, and makes us better informed ? after all, even the wheel was a game changer in its day.


Using GM plants as a source of omega-3 fish oils and astaxanthin for feed is sustainable, says UK professor?Feed Navigator -?By Jane Byrne (मई 9)

As a UK institute’s field trial to test GM Camelina plants that produce DHA and EPA rich oils and astaxanthin gets green-lighted, the lead researcher defends the environmental robustness of using such crops as the key components in farmed fish diets.

How does popular organic pesticide copper sulfate compare to synthetic ones like glyphosate? -?आनुवंशिक साक्षरता परियोजना – द्वारा?

“[O]rganic products are not necessarily less hazardous than their conventional counterparts. Nor are they pesticide free. Copper sulfate is one of many pesticides approved under the USDA National Organic Program and a number of studies show that it has a great deal of toxicity to both humans and the environment.


Malmstr?m concerned about public perception of TTIPEurActivBy Henriette Jacobsen (मई 10)


नाइजीरिया: FG Embarks On Vitamin a Food Bio-Fortification to Reduce Death RateMinister – allAfrica / नेतृत्व (नाइजीरिया) (मई 7)

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole said on Saturday that the ministry embarked on vitamin A food bio-fortification to reduce death rate and boost nutrition in the country.


The Struggle is Real: Scene from an American Food PrisonHuffington PostBy Amy Porterfield Levy and Julie Kelly (मई 9)

It says a lot about the anti-GMO movement though that their idea of a genuine struggle is shopping in an upscale grocery store, surrounded by thousands of food choices, and not being able to read a barcode label with a $600 phone because the wifi is weak.


अमेरिका, China play chicken as election raises heat on trade tiesThe Australian Business Review / वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – By William Mauldin (मई 12)

The Obama administration filed a trade complaint against China yesterday over access to the Asian giant?s market for US chicken, the latest friction point in an election year that is casting a harsh light on US economic ties with China.


The ?Dirty Dozen? is a scam, you knowWashington ExaminerBy James Cooper (मई 6)


That Meal-Kit Company That Sends You Dinner May Be DoomedMother JonesBy Tom Philpott (May/June edition)

But it remains to be seen whether enough at-home short-order cooks will bite. So far, “very few, if any,” of these meal-kit companiesare cash-flow positive…”


See also😕http://www.motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2016/05/mark-bittman-departs-vegan-meal-kit-startup-purple-carrot

GMO labeling nightmareWashington TimesBy Paul Driessen (मई 10)

The Senate should take action to prevent the damage that would result from allowing Vermont and other states to foist fringe beliefs on the rest of the country. Otherwise, anti-biotechnology activists will create serious agricultural, पर्यावरण, packaged-food manufacturing and consumer problems.


Economic integration is helping boost trade and investment in Africa – अभिभावक – द्वारा?Valentine Rugwabiza and Arancha Gonz?lez (मई 10)

While Europe is on the verge of breaking up, Africa is reaping the benefits of integrating, growing and developing its trading blocks


यू.एस. Trade Ambassador Talks TPP’s Impact on AfricaWSJ Video (मई 12)

Venezuela: Countless Wounded after 5,000 Loot SupermarketPanAm Post (मई 11)

At Least Two Dead in Maracay following Rumors of Hard-to-Find Products


मोनसेंटो, once M&A instigator, now in awkward role as possible target – रायटर – By Karl Plume and Ludwig Burger (मई 12)

Monsanto shares rallied as much as 12 percent on Thursday on new reports that Bayer AG and BASF SE were interested in the St. Louis-based company, highlighting the drive for more marriages in the sector.


Field test on for 3 more GM cropsThe Daily Star (बांग्लादेश) – रेज़ अहमद द्वारा (मई 12)

Inspired by the success of the country’s first commercially released biotech cropBt brinjal — में 2013, Bangladesh is now field testing three more crops developed through applications of agro-biotechnology.?These are: late blight resistant potato, Bt cotton and vitamin-A enriched Golden Rice.