एजी जैव प्रौद्योगिकी से संबंधित समाचार आइटम, व्यापार ? और शायद कृषि से जुड़ी कुछ अन्य दिलचस्प चीजें ? सप्ताह भर इस पृष्ठ पर पोस्ट किया जाएगा (newly added items will be in हरा वर्गों के तल पर). ?Be sure to check in regularly!



France claims TTIP talks likely to stopEurActiv with Reuters (मई 3)


Americans Split on Idea of Withdrawing From Trade Treaties -?By Frank Newport -?Gallup (अप्रैल 28)


Trump rhetoric shows need to remake case for tradeZoellick -?The Star Online (मलेशिया) (अप्रैल 28)


Florida Is Worried About a Cuban Fruit Invasion – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Alan Bjerga and Marvin G Perez (अप्रैल 29)


Alarmist headlines (on TTIP) are a storm in a teacup: EU trade policy chief?- Feed Navigator -?By Jane Byrne (May-2)

EU trade commissioner, Cecilia Malmstr?m, quickly moved to dismiss concerns about the EU position in TTIP negotiations with the US following the Greenpeace leaks today.

Canadian GMO soy producers, अमेरिका, and the CETA trade dealRadio Canada Int’l (मई 3)


जापान, EU leaders agree to accelerate free trade talksThe Japan Times / क्योदो (मई 3)


Argentina farm exports soar in first quarter following elimination of taxes and controls – MercoPress (मई 5)

Argentine farm exports rocketed 68% higher in the first quarter compared to the same 2015 period, thanks to new policies that prompted growers to sell stockpiles built up under the previous administration, the government announced.


Merkel says working for U.S.-EU trade deal this year – रायटर (मई 4)


TPP signed off by select committeeRadio New Zealand (मई 5)


Caught in the Middle: Farmers Seek a New and Improved GMO DebateModern FarmerBy Brian Barth (मई 2)


?The Facebook Age of Science? at the World Health OrganizationNational ReviewBy David Zaruck & Julie Kelly (मई 3)

संपर्क: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/434845/WHO-cancer-agency-bad-science-labels-glyphosate-probably-carcinogenic

ADM, Bunge Won’t Buy Monsanto’s New Genetically Modified Soy – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Shruti Singh and Lydia Mulvany (मई 3)


Why I Buy GMO SeedsForbes.comBy Brian Scott (मई 3)


Grassley says GMO-labeling bill won’t be done by July?- The Des Moines RegisterBy Christopher Doering (मई 2)


The woman behind GMO technology on feeding the world and never-ending controversyTech InsiderBy Ariel Schwartz (मई 5)


Even the Critics Are Coming Around on GMOsPacific StandardBy James McWilliams (मई 4)

Food labeling initiatives that were originally meant to take GMOs down a peg bother biotechnology advocates, but the debate may be what pushed consumers to better understand a complicated issue.


Without GMOs, South African maize yields would be lower -industry group – रायटर (मई 3)


DA asked to push for biotech lawBusiness Mirror (फिलीपींस) – By Mary Grace Padin (मई 5)


Ethiopia: Improving Agricultural Productivity Through Technology – allAfrica / The Ethiopian HeraldBy Abebe Woldegiorgis (मई 5)



Antibiotics and Hormones in BeefSkeptoidBy Brian Dunning (मई 3)


New corn policy could prompt shift in Chinese agri-production?- फूड नेविगेटर एशिया -?By RJ Whitehead (मई 4)

By cancelling the corn temporary purchase and storage policy after eight years, Chinese authorities may have precipitated a seismic shift in the country?s corn and its deep-processing industries through this crucial supply-side reform.

World’s No. 1 Herbicide Said to Face Shorter EU Reauthorization – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Jonathan Stearns (मई 4)

The European Commission plans to seek a nine-year renewal of the license in Europe for glyphosate instead of the usual 15 वर्षों…”


Food crop yield to benefit from nanoparticle innovation, study predicts?- फूड नेविगेटर -?By Will Chu (मई 5)

Nanoparticle technology could be used to improve the way beans absorb nutrients, boosting growth in order to meet the demand for food, a study has highlighted.

Agriculture Start-Ups Get Boost From Big Firms and Investors – न्यूयॉर्क टाइम्स – By Andrew Pollack (मई 4)

संपर्क: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/05/business/agriculture-start-ups-get-boost-from-big-firms-and-investors.html