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WHO warns of potential for ‘marked increasein Zika casesYahoo! समाचार – द्वारा?Mari?tte Le Roux,?AFP?(अप्रैल 25)


Earth Day: Get Green With Biotech’s Role in SustainabilityForbes.comBy Kate Hall, GMO Answers (अप्रैल 22)


Scientists advance disease resistance in three of world’s most important cropsPhys.org (अप्रैल 25)


Did CRISPR gene-edited mushroom really ?escape? regulation? – आनुवंशिक साक्षरता परियोजना – by?


Editorial: Base labeling on science, not superstitionThe Detroit News (अप्रैल 26)

Any victories the anti-GMO movement achieves is a triumph of superstition over science.


Insect resistant maize to be commercialized in Kenya in 2018Xinhua (चीन) (अप्रैल 24)


Should GM crops be grown in Uganda?Daily MonitorBy Michael J. Ssali (अप्रैल 27)


DEFRA allows field trials of GM camelina in RothamstedCrop Biotech Update, ISAAA (अप्रैल 27)


Can I Get That With Extra GMO? – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – Opinion by Jayson Lusk (अप्रैल 26)

A Vermont labeling law will burden industry and encourage baseless fears about scientific progress.


Scientists Claim Breakthrough in Battle Against GMO Crop Pests – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – By Jacob Bunge (अप्रैल 27)

New technology could provide new way to tweak biotech crops like corn and cotton to boost resistance to pests


Monsanto slams EU attempt to block GM crops in Africa as ‘neo-colonialism?- Food Navigator -?By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn?(28 अप्रैल 28)

The European Parliament?s Committee on Development has urged G8 member states ?not to support GMO [genetically modified]?crops in Africa? as part of its critical resolution on the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutritiona decision agri giant Monsanto has called anti-business and neo-colonialist.

Ethiopia: Boosting Agricultural Productivity Through Biotechnology – allAfrica / The Ethiopian Herald (अप्रैल 28)


Grain trade alarmed by USDA biotech plansAgri-PulseBy Philip Brasher (अप्रैल 27)



Japan’s Next Generation of Farmers Could Be Robots – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Aya Takada (अप्रैल 23)


Innovation, Investment Needed for Food Security: Ministers -?ब्लूमबर्ग – By Aya Takada (अप्रैल 23)


Philippines readies drones to assess disastersimpact on agriculture?- Food Navigator Asia -?By RJ Whitehead (अप्रैल 25)

In a bid to stay ahead of the negative impacts of climate change and natural disasters, the Philippines government has started to use unmanned aerial drones to assess where farmlands are most at risk and quickly assess the damage they face.

Don?t sacrifice antibiotics to boost marketing, poultry body urges?- GlobalMeatNews.com -?By Oscar Rousseau (अप्रैल 25)

The use of antibiotics in intensive poultry farming should not be cut but minimised and carefully planned to safeguard animal welfare, the American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP) has said.

Syrian food crisis deepens as war chokes farming – रायटर – By Maha El Dahan (अप्रैल 26)


Manure Is Organic, Let?s Not ForgetScienceBy Derek Lowe (अप्रैल 27)


Recovery From Drought Unlikely in Most of Southern Africa – allAfrica / New EraBy Deon Schlechter (अप्रैल 28)


First multi-year study of honey bee parasites and disease reveals troubling trendsScience Daily (अप्रैल 26)

Varroa mite infestations more severe than previously thought, with links to spread of viral diseases


Is Science Really At The Heart Of The GMO Debate? -?Forbes.comBy Kate Hall, GMO Answers (अप्रैल 28)


Cheap food or no pesticides: Consumers can?t have it both ways, says ECPA?- Food Navigator -?By David Burrows (अप्रैल 28)

The?European Crop Protection Association has said?Europeans don?t understand the harsh realities of food production or appreciate the potential magnitude of the world?s food supply problempesticides are important in maintaining supply and keeping prices down, it says.


TTIP tops topics as Obama meets MerkelDeutsche WelleBy Malte Rohwer-Kahlmann (अप्रैल 25)


Obama: “Time to complete TTIPReuters Video (अप्रैल 24)

संपर्क: http://reut.rs/1TrPtZq

US officials heading to NZ to talk TPPRadio New ZealandBy Patrick O’Meara (अप्रैल 25)


Political headwinds blow back on global trade dealsCNBCBy John W. Schoen (अप्रैल 25)


Obama’s British Trade ThreatThe Wall Street Journal, समीक्षा & Outlook (अप्रैल 24)


TTIP: What is the future for UK-US trade?BBC NewsBy Bill Wilson (अप्रैल 24)


अमेरिका, India await schedule for resuming free trade talksThe Times of IndiaBy Bharti Jain (अप्रैल 27)


Chamber’s Donohue: TPP vote likely after the elections – पहाड – By Vickie Needham (अप्रैल 25)


Blockbuster Asian trade deal embraces China, rivals US-led TPPAustralian Financial Review – बेन पॉटर तक, Fleur Anderson (अप्रैल 26)


The regional trade deal with China and India that’s twice the size of TPPAustralian Financial ReviewOpinion by Peter Drysdale (अप्रैल 26)