The ninth annual Global Farmer Roundtable hosted by the Truth About Trade & Technology Foundation held October 14-15 proved to be another fantastic event. There was engaging dialogue and experiences shared by the 16 participants from around the world who traveled to Des Moines, Iowa.डॉ. Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, the MSMC Endowed Professor of Agribusiness Strategy and the Director of the Economics and Management of Agrobiotechnology Center (EMAC) at the University of Missouri, moderated this year.

The 2014 Global Farmer Roundtable participants and new members of the Global Farmer Network:

  • Argentina श्री. मार्टिन Pasman
  • Australia सुश्री. Kelly Pearce
  • Brazil श्री. लुइज़ रॉबर्टो Saldanha रॉड्रिक्स
  • Canada– श्री. Steven Larocque
  • चीन Mr. Zhenghong ली
  • France– सुश्री. सारा सिंगला
  • घाना Mr. ब्राउन को अपनाया
  • India– श्री. Jayapal Reddy Solleti
  • भारत Mr. Gurjeet Singh Mann
  • Indonesia श्री. विलियम एल Bulo
  • न्यूजीलैंड Mr. Craige मैकेंज़ी
  • यूनाइटेड किंगडम Mr. इयान Pigott
  • United Kingdom श्री. Paul Temple
  • संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, New Mexico श्री. Tsosie लुईस
  • वियतनाम Mr. क्वॉक फाम Liem
  • जिम्बाब्वेसुश्री. लार्वा अनुग्रह

It was a busy week full of activity again this year. It included visits toKeminin Des Moines, theCouser Cattle Companynear Nevada, तथा 2013 World Food PrizeLaureateDr. Robb Fraley dropped by and did some Q&A with the group during the Roundtable itself.

The Global Farmer Roundtable was held again during the week of Theविश्व खाद्य पुरस्कारSymposium and that allowed those attending to also take part in the Borlaug Dialogue, Laureate Award Ceremony, and other side events held during the week. Gurjeet Singh Mannfrom India andलार्वा अनुग्रहfrom Zimbabwe, were also invited to participated as panelists in aside eventduring the week, “Drought and Disease Tolerance for Food Security”.
A highlight of the week was the presentation of the2014 Kleckner Award to Ian Pigottfrom the United Kingdom during a reception that was co-hosted with CropLife International on October 14. A fourth generation farmer, Pigott farms only about 20 miles from the highly-populated center of London. In 2006 foundedओपन खेत रविवार, a day when more that 400 farmers open their operations up to visitors across the country helping them to see, learn and better understand agriculture.
A new effort undertaken after this year’s event on Twitter isFarmers No Borders @World_Farmerswhere a different member of the Global Farmer Network will host for a few weeks at a time, passing the handle around the world sharing their stories and giving different perspectives. Be sure to follow!

Read commentaries written by members of the Global Farmer Network in theGuest Commentarysection of the website. If you need a speaker for a panel or event, check out theSpeakers Bureauwebpage.