2012 ग्लोबल किसान गोलमेज सम्मेलन

अक्टूबर 15-16, 2012 – डेस मोइनेस, आयोवा संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका


डॉ. Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes- the MSMC Endowed Professor of Agribusiness Strategy and the Director of the Economics and Management of Agrobiotechnology Center (EMAC) at the University of Missouri. His research, teaching and outreach focus on the economics and policy of agrifood biotechnology and other agribusiness innovations.


  • कनाडा- श्री. लेस Kletke
  • होंडुरस- श्री. Isidro Matamoros
  • India– श्री. Rajesh Kumar (2012 Kleckner Trade & Technology Advancement Award)
  • India Mr. Sudhindra Kulkarni
  • मेक्सिको Mr. Francisco Gurria Trevino
  • न्यूजीलैंड- श्री. Craige मैकेंज़ी
  • फिलीपींस- श्री. Roger Navarro
  • दक्षिण अफ्रीका- श्री. उप शासक
  • स्वाजीलैंड- सुश्री. मुबारक सही Shongwe
  • यूनाइटेड किंगडम- श्री. इयान Pigott
  • संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, आयोवा- श्री. एरिक स्टाल
  • Uruguay– श्री. गेब्रियल Carballal
  • जाम्बिया- श्री. एलीशा Le उपलब्ध
  • जिम्बाब्वे- श्री. स्टेनली Ngày & मार्था Kanengoni

The 2012 Global Farmer Roundtable marked the seventh meeting of what has grown to be an exciting and dynamic annual event. This year fifteen farmers from thirteen nations met to discuss a number of issues from a variety of viewpoints on October 15 तथा 16 में डेस मोइनेस, आयोवा. The moderator was Dr. Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes from the University of Missouri.

The Global Farmer Roundtable was held again during the week ofThe World Food Prize Symposium(अक्टूबर 17-19) which allowed the farmers attending the Roundtable to also take part in the Borlaug Dialogue, Laureate Award Ceremony, and other side events held during the week. Several of the farmers were also invited to participate on panels in the Symposium or side events during the week.

Rajesh Kumar from India received the 2012 Kleckner Trade & Technology Advancement Award on Tuesday, अक्टूबर 16 at a Global Farmer Awards Dinner hosted by Truth About Trade & Technology and CropLife International.

Kumar farms fifty-five acres in southern India, using irrigation to grow sweetcorn, टमाटर, brinjal (बैंगन) and other vegetables. In addition to the sweet corn processing plant, he sells fresh produce directly to consumers through kiosks at several locations.

He believes that agriculture can be revived and thrive in India, but biotechnology must be embraced by farmers and the farmers must organize and demand that the government allow them their rights to use this important tool.

India has a desperate need for agricultural biotechnology. It is for our overall self-development that tools like biotechnology must be available so farmers can produce enough food for our people. We must participate in the Gene Revolution.

TheKleckner Trade & Technology Advancement Awardwas established in 2007 in honor of Dean Kleckner, व्यापार के बारे में सच्चाई & Technology Chairman Emeritus. The award is given annually in conjunction with the TATT Global Farmer Roundtable. The award recipients are Rosalie Ellasus, फिलीपींस (2007); जेफ Bidstrup, ऑस्ट्रेलिया (2008); जिम मैकार्थी, आयरलैंड (2009), गैबरिएला क्रूज़, पुर्तगाल (2010), गिल्बर्ट Arap बोर, केन्या (2011), and now Rajesh Kumar, भारत (2012).

Photos from the Global Farmer Roundtable can be found atTATTs Media Center / Photo Albumor on TATTs Facebook page.

The 2012 event now brings the number of farmers who have attended and become part of theग्लोबल किसान नेटवर्कto near one-hundred..

Read commentaries written by members of the Global Farmer Network in theGuest Commentarysection of the webiste. If you need a speaker for a panel or event, check out theSpeakers Bureauwebpage.