2010 वैश्विक किसान गोलमेज सम्मेलन

अक्टूबर 12-13, 2010 – Des Moines, आयोवा संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका



  • डॉ.. रॉबर्ट थॉमसन, sr. साथी, वैश्विक मामलों पर शिकागो परिषद, and Professor Emeritus, Univ. इलिनोइस के


  • अर्जेंटीना – रॉबर्टो Peiretti
  • ब्राज़ील – Camila Illich Rodrigues
  • कनाडा – अनुदान Dyck
  • फ़्रांस – Evelyne Desrentes
  • होंडुरास – Isidro Matamoros
  • भारत – राजेश कुमार
  • भारत – V. रविचंद्रन
  • इटली – जियोर्जियो Fidenato
  • केन्या – ऐलिस Kalya
  • मेक्सिको – Olga Alcaraz
  • पाकिस्तान – तारिक Zaman खान
  • पुर्तगाल – Gabriela Cruz (2010 Kleckner व्यापार & प्रौद्योगिकी प्रगति पुरस्कार)
  • स्पेन – जोस लुइस रोमियो
  • हमें, आयोवा – Pam जॉनसन
  • हमें, आयोवा – डीन Kleckner, Chairman TATT
  • हमें, दक्षिण डकोटा – Mike Jandreau (1943-2015), Chairman Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
  • ज़ाम्बिया – सारा Munalula

संस्कृति में अपने मतभेदों के बावजूद, फसलें उठाई और भाषा, 16 farmers representing five continents agreed they must work together to break the barriers that stop their access to technology. डेस Moines में आयोजित दो दिवसीय ग्लोबल किसान गोलमेज सम्मेलन के दौरान किसानों ने अपने विचारों पर चर्चा की, आयोवा, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका.

“Each of the farmers at the Roundtable was invited here because they were nominated by someone who said ‘this is an important person in our village, community, organization or country,"कहा मैरी बूटिंग, व्यापार और प्रौद्योगिकी के बारे में सत्य के कार्यकारी निदेशक (TATT). TATT, एक एनजीओ है कि किसान के माध्यम से मुक्त व्यापार और कृषि जैव प्रौद्योगिकी को बढ़ावा-शैक्षिक पहल का नेतृत्व किया, organized the Roundtable held Oct. 12-13.

The participating farmers at the roundtable agreed to work together in regional alliances of support, and to share their experiences globally as a way to inspire farmers and educate politicians. “Through our commonalities of challenges, we will find commonalities of success,” was something agreed to amongst the participants.

Boote pointed out that the participating farmers are joining a network of 78 किसानों से 53 countries who have taken part in a Roundtable discussion during the past five years.

A member of the 2010 गोलमेज सम्मेलन, Gabriela Cruz of Elvas, पुर्तगाल, was the 2010 recipient of the Kleckner Trade and Technology Advancement Award for her efforts to tell others how tools that farmers need are often held back from them by unfair government policies. “I hope this award motivates other farmers to keep fighting for their ideas and solutions,” Cruz said. Cruz was presented the award at a luncheon on October 13 with a keynote address given by Robert Paarlberg of Wellesley College, the noted author of Starved for Science and Food Politics.

TATT also partnered in the first stop of the Biodiversity World Tour held October 12 on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames, आयोवा. It included three TATT Global Farmer to Farmer Roundtable participants (Camila ईच, ब्राज़ील; राजेश कुमार, भारत; Pam जॉनसन, हमें) and two experts on biodiversity and agriculture in addition to the facilitator and noted broadcaster, Orion Samuelson. Special guest US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack made opening remarks and joined the panel for the entire event.

इसके साथ ही, three farmers were asked to participate on panel discussions for the Borlaug symposium at the विश्व खाद्य पुरस्कार: राजेश कुमार, भारत – अक्टूबर. 13 -“Promoting smallholders as entrepreneurs and innovators” (transcript); सारा Munalula, ज़ाम्बिया – अक्टूबर. 14 – “Overcoming major constraints facing smallholders”(transcript); Gabriela Cruz, पुर्तगाल– अक्टूबर. 14 – “Partnering with smallholders on strategies for food security (transcript).


वैश्विक किसान गोलमेज संमेलन से तस्वीरें पर पाया जा सकता है:




पढ़ें कुछ किसानों ने गोलमेज संमेलन में भाग लिया है द्वारा लिखित टिप्पणियां: