GMO labeling bill introduced in US Senate, other recent news of interest




Ag ProfessionalSenator Roberts introduces GMO labeling bill – By Colleen Scherer (Feb 22)

“The legislation will establish a national framework that places standards in the hands of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and creates a campaign that will educate the public on both the safety of GMOs and on the way in which they can find out more about the foods they purchase…?The Senate Agriculture Committee is scheduled to mark-up the proposal Thursday, Feb. 25. Click here to read the bill.”

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Agri-PulseWashington Week Ahead: Roberts, Stabenow seek deal on biotech labeling – By Philip Brasher (Feb 21)

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Grand Forks Herald (N. Dakota) – Hoeven calls for nationwide GMO labeling standards – By Sam Easter (Feb 18)

“[US Senator John]?Hoeven responded to concerns that Vermont’s law may go into effect before federal legislators take action, adding he hopes Congress will pass a bill that standardizes GMO labeling?and one that makes labeling voluntary?in the next several weeks.”

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FeedstuffsPlant scientists sign petition in support of GM tools (Feb 19)

More than 1,000 scientists from nonprofit, corporate, academic and private institutions agreed that public doubts about genetically modified (GM) food crops are hindering the next “Green Revolution.”

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Mail & Guardian (S. Africa) -?Forget organic extremists or pro-GM firms ? Africa needs to make own calls on biotechnology or risk losing big time – By Samantha Spooner (Feb 14)

“[T]he world?s anti-GMO movement and subsequent campaign have created a restrictive climate for agricultural biotech innovations that could cost low and lower-middle-income nations..”

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allAfrica / Tanzania Daily NewsGMO’s Crucial in Increasing Crop Output – By Moses Matthew (Feb 18)

“[I]nstead of focusing on rumors that discredit GMOs, it is prudent for governments to empower institutions to effectively check the safety standards of each product introduced on the market.”

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Food Navigator Asia -?Scientists develop ?breakthrough? GM rice with increased iron and zinc?-?By RJ Whitehead (18 Feb)

“Rice scientists have made a ?breakthrough? in genetic crop development through a process of biofortification to increase iron and zinc levels in rice. Their discovery, the researchers say, will have a significant impact on the global fight against human micronutrient deficiency, or ?hidden hunger?.”

Delta Farm Press, Farm Press Blog -?Monsanto fighting yet another battle against misinformation – By Forrest Laws (Feb 16)

“You don?t have to spend much time talking to friends in urban areas to learn their view of modern agriculture is often colored by what they see and hear from environmental activist groups.”

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Des Moines Register -?ISU still plans GMO banana trial, despite controversy – By Tony Leys (Feb 17)

?In Uganda and other African countries, vitamin A deficiency is a major contributor to deaths in childhood from infectious diseases…Wouldn?t it be great if these bananas could prevent preschool kids from dying from diarrhea, malaria or measles??

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ISAAA Crop Biotech UpdateFarmer Leaders in Uganda Pledge Support for Agri Biotechnology (Feb 17)

Read more:? -?Narendra Modi lures farmers, says ?want to integrate technology in agriculture sector (Feb 18)

Asserting that his government’s first aim was to win the trust of the farmers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said his government wants to integrate technology in the agriculture sector for the farmers’ welfare.

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Feed Navigator -?Climate change may alter growing conditions, feed crop yield and irrigation across the US?-?By Aerin Curtis (17 Feb)

“As changes to climate and growing conditions develop in the US, farmers will have to adapt to new scenarios, says Elizabeth Marshall, USDA economist.”

Food & Drink EuropeBakery veteran acquires stake in ?diabetic bread? biotech firm -?By RJ Whitehead (18-Feb)

Meiert Grootes, chairman of Europe?s biggest supplier of speciality baking products, has acquired a stake in a Malaysian-Australian biotech firm that earlier this year launched ingredients to produce the world?s first clean-label, low-GI ?diabetic? white bread.

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The Hill -?Obama ‘cautiously optimistic’ on TPP trade deal – By Jordan Fabian (Feb 22)

President Obama said he is ?cautiously optimistic? that Congress will pass his signature Pacific Rim trade deal, but he acknowledged opposition in both parties and election-year politics could stall the pact.

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Buenos Aires HeraldMercosur delays free-trade offer to EU (Feb 19)

“The Mercosur bloc is unlikely to exchange free-trade offers with the European Union (EU) before March…?Officials are now promising the exchange will take place within the first half of the year.”

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“The G20 Trade Ministers Meeting will be held in Shanghai on July 9, 2016 todiscuss ways to boost trade and investment cooperation, a commerce official said Wednesday.?The two-day meeting will be held in advance of the G20 Hangzhou Summit, which is slated for Sept 4 and 5. China took over the G20 presidency in December last year.”

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The Economic Times (India) -?Proposal for ratifying trade facilitation agreement of WTO approved by Cabinet (Feb 18)

“India has sought five years to make legislative changes required to implement the trade facilitation agreement of the World Trade Organization. The Union cabinet on Wednesday approved a proposal for notification of India’s commitments under the agreement.”

ICTSD Bridges News?-?WTO Members Eye New Negotiating Landscape (Feb 18)

“Trade negotiators acknowledged that they were still struggling to find their bearings in this new negotiating landscape.”

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Ghana Business NewsAfrican Experts Discuss Continental Free Trade Agreement (Feb 11)

“Experts from seven African regional economic commissions, AUC, AfDB, the UN Economic Commission for Africa, UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), academia, research institutions and civil society have met to discuss the possible structure and content of a Continental Free Trade Area agreement (CFTA).”

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euobserverEU urges US to ‘step up’ on free trade talks – By Peter Teffer (Feb 16)

“…[T]he US was struggling to get approval from Congress for another trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). As a result, there could be less urgency to close a deal with Europe.”

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