GFN Celebrates The Holidays


It started as a question in an email message that asked how some GFN members celebrate or decorate during the holiday season where they live…? and it’s becoming a collection of thoughts and pictures being shared by Global Farmer Network. So we thought we’d share a few responses and photos with everyone over the next few weeks heading towards the New Year.

Jennie Schmidt’s family farm shining bright.

Jennie Schmidt – GFN, US – Maryland

We put this up on our grain elevator every year and it gets brighter and brighter because we keep wrapping more strands of Christmas lights around and around. We put it up the 1st day of Advent and keep it on until Epiphany.

Although we don’t have many neighbors, the few that we have love seeing it every year. It’s my favorite Christmas decoration.

Lighting the way to the Leguee home.

Jake Leguee – GFN, Canada

This is a quieter time of the year for us, right in the dead of winter, when temperatures often dip below -30C. While we don’t always have snow (this is the driest time of the year), a week of fog has created quite the winter wonderland.

We take time off on the week of Christmas to visit family and sometimes go on a holiday (hopefully somewhere warmer!), but we stay busy through the winter months hauling grain, fixing equipment, and preparing for the busy season ahead.

We spend a lot of time at the local rec[reation] centre at this time of the year, which always has its tree of Christmas lights glowing. The frosty, icey trees from the fog this year make for beautiful photos! Credit to my sister Sarah on this one (photo at right).

The tree in the North Dakota State Capitol is a tad bit taller than Sen. Wanzek.

Terry Wanzek – GFN Board member… and State Senator in North Dakota

Celebrating Christmas in the North Dakota State Capital.

Our state Christmas Tree is just going up in the Great Hall of our State Capital and will be dedicated in a lighting ceremony on Friday [December 14] by our Governor. We are beginning our legislative organizational session this week in Bismarck.

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