GFN Celebrates the Holidays – Part Two


A week ago GFN shared a collection of short posts, which started as a question in an email message that asked how some GFN members celebrate or decorate during the holiday season where they live.? So we thought we?d continue to compile and share a few responses and photos with everyone over the next few weeks heading towards the New Year – so here is GFN Celebrates the Holidays – Part Two…


Mel Poulton – GFN, New Zealand

NZ generally goes into Summer holiday mode just before Christmas and pretty much stops for 2 weeks, then a few of the dedicated go back to work.? But the slowdown lasts mostly through to the end of January a good 4-5 weeks.

Many go to the beach or lakes to get into watersports, fishing, diving and or hunting.? NZ has a strong hunter – gatherer culture and many like to harvest thier own wild foods while on holiday.

However it is a busy time on the farm here for stockwork… weaning, shearing and we start sales of the lamb crop from late Dec – March April.

That said we do try and steal a few days away to be with family over Christmas.

We have a biannual rotation with our stock manager – this year is our turn to be away, while he will have his extended family for christmas at the farm.

He’ll keep all the dogs fed and do the very basic stock care work to ensure all stock are fed & watered.

Next year he can go away with his family and it will be our turn to stay at the farm and look after all the animals.


Rosalie Ellasus – GFN, Philippines and first recipient of the Kleckner Award in 2007

Rosalie shared a Facebook post showing some incredibly festive and elaborate holiday decorating around her home area in the Philippines.


V. Ravichandran – GFN board, India

In India we have 3 seasons.? Hot, hotter and hottest.

Nevertheless in my part of the nation, December – January is the most pleasant part of the year. During this time the incessant monsoon rain would cease and our rice crop start bearing the grain which have been working for all over the year.? Harvest season would commence from January 1st week.

You can see festivity all over the nation.? During December – January, houses of Hindus decorated with koalams (the artistic huge line drawings in front of our houses and decorated with pumpkin flowers), Christmas, New Year, Pongal the harvest festival and thanks giving day for farmers, music season and cricket season.? During December we enjoy our time traveling with our family to other parts of India.

Last year’s 2018 New Year’s good wishes to everyone.



Dan Kelley – GFN board, US-Illinois

Christmas is the time of year when families often gather to dine, exchange gifts, and if they are lucky Santa Claus makes a special visit. Pictured is Santa with many of our nieces and nephews…

In Dec 2017 we had an opportunity to be in New York City in December. Pictured is the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.? The farm is much quieter but the hustle and bustle of the city during the Holiday Season is a special experience.

The final picture is our Christmas card, featuring our grandchildren, which we mail to friends far and near to keep in touch at least once a year.


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