GFN Amplifies Farmers’ Voices


The GFN is a global organization that connects farmers of different genders, farm sizes, types, and locations around the world. Despite speaking different languages and having unique voices, they share a common passion and commitment to amplify their message and show unity as a community. The goal is to increase the volume and impact of farmers’ opinions and concerns.

Nominate a Farmer to Join the GFN

It is widely acknowledged that agriculture plays a crucial role in addressing many of today’s challenges, including food security and climate change. Farmers of all types and sizes have valuable expertise and perspective that can inform science-based policies that are created a long way from the field. Farmers understand how technology and science brings value to help address challenges as the world’s population grows.

The GFN aims to develop agricultural leaders worldwide and if you are, or you know of an exceptional farmer who is passionate about agriculture, please complete a nomination form.

Those accepted will join the next Roundtable and Communication Training program to be held September 10-16, 2023 in Washington, DC.


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