Getting to Know Jean Kaahwa & Fish Farming in Uganda


While Global Farmer Network member Jean Kaahwa started as an employee with a “regular job” he realized that it was time for something else and then started with two fish farm pilot projects. Jean’s digging into how things work and being able to sell his ideas allowed him to secure investors in the fish farming effort, and allowed him to eventually begin generating award-winning programs for young people interested in agriculture. Eventually the Global Farmer Network was able to connect with Jean’s effort and things expanded further. Learn more in this article from Janice Person, grounded by the farm.

Kaahwa Jean Rwamukaga

Kaahwa Jean Rwamukaga

Kaahwa Jean is a fish farmer, entrepreneur and consultant. He is the Managing Director of Shalom Fish Farms Ltd. and Africa Agribusiness Services Ltd. He started as a fish farmer producing table fish, fish fingerlings and offering aquaculture services. He's engaged in horticulture, dairy and poultry.

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