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Shekhar Bhadsavle, India explains how the GFN is uniquely positioned to solve two important problems in the world, changement climatique et faim.
patience Koku, Nigeria reveals how learning happens when top farmers from around the world are brought together.
Javier Callegas, Nicaragua tells how the GFN brings farmers from around the world to a learning exchange for ideas a new perspective.
Jose Luis Gonzalez, Columbia shares the importance of the GFN in helping farmers connect, to learn from each other, and together, have a stronger voice for agriculture.


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At any moment, Global Farmer Network farmers are telling their stories, sharing information, answering questions and building trust among consumers, leaders d'opinion et décideurs politiques concernant la sécurité, accessibilité et durabilité de la nourriture, alimentation, fibre et carburant qu'ils produisent pour une population mondiale croissante.


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