L'agriculture est une profession à temps plein, yet many Global Farmer Network members have their hands quite full with a variety of other activities as well. Including 2014 Prix ​​Kleckner bénéficiaire Ian Pigott. In addition to farming, you may recall the post a few months to help profile his great initiatives with The FarmSchool and the Pop Up Farm.

Ian, an avid Twitter user you can follow @ian_pigott, still finds the time to also pen a regular column for Farmers Weekly in the UK. His recent column there points out ongoing issues faced by producers in his area in dealing with the political realm, but it’s also problem faced by all farmers around the world when having to make decisions and plans for their own farms. It’s a very good piece we thought worth sharing broader, the excerpt below is followed by the link to the full column.


Opinion: Lesson from Oxford, beware of politicians empty words

By Ian Pigott – janvier 18, 2019

I never know when the cut-off date is to announce New Years resolutions. Lets assume we still have time.

My take-home message from this years Oxford Farming Conference is, as farmers, we need neither revolution nor evolution, but resolutions.

If we had made and kept the promises that we have been encouraged to adopt over the past 13 ans, there would be no need for drastic change in the wake of Brexit or a new Agriculture Bill.

Im not talking about resolutions to limit excess of cakes and booze, or thethings we need to do more of, like exercise and meditation.

Non, Im talking about resolutions as decreed by the OFC, the annual gatheringfor British farming that takes place in the first week of January.

Thirteen years ago, Margaret Beckett was secretary of state at Defra. As we have come to expect from politicalspeeches at Oxford, she said a lot without saying anything

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