le 2018 Global Farmer Roundtable is scheduled forOct 16-17 à Des Moines, Iowa coinciding with the week of the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue and International Symposium.

As the Roundtable approaches GFN is introducing this yearsparticipants.Solet’s get to know a little bit aboutLarrySailerwho farmsa few hours to the north of Des Moines, Iowa

Agriculteur: Larry Sailer

Pays: United States (Iowa)

Où se trouve votre ferme?

My family farm islocated north of Iowa Falls in north central Iowa. Sur 100 miles north of Des Moines.

À quoi ressemble votre ferme? Quelle est la taille de votre ferme? Que cultivez-vous ou élevez-vous?

j'ai 400 d'acres, split half and half between field corn and soybeans. I mostly no-till all my acres except where compaction is a problem.All ofmy crops use GMO technology to make my conservation program feasible. As a part of my farm operation, what I consider part of my everyday chores, Iagvocate! I started giving interviews back in the 80s during theUSfarm crisis. Il y a quinze ans, I joined the speaker corps of the National Pork Producers call Operation Mainstreet. Eleven years ago, I joined the Iowa Farm Bureau speaker corps. I spoke to many local groups and gave local interviews. I wrote many letters to Iowa papers. Ensuite, les médias sociaux ont eu lieu! Twitter,FaceBook, blogging………and now I have aworldwidenetwork that can reach millions of people. I am very passionate sharing what modern agriculture is all about because public opinion isinfluencing policyregulations that hinder raising our food.

Qu'attendez-vous le plus lorsque vous vous préparez à participer au 2018 Table ronde mondiale Fermier?

I have met many farmers from around the world from whom I have learned much. I want to continue meeting farmers to hear their stories, their problems, and their successes. And I want to share mine.

Sailer has embraced mobile technology and being an agvocate.