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A little self-promotion is in order by highlighting this nice write-up about the Global Farmer Roundtable:

Roundtable brings farmers together from across the world – Iowa Farmer aujourd'hui, By Gene Lucht (fév 25)

Charles Chenza, a farmer from Tanzania, speaks during the roundtable.

It began as a simple question: Why aren?t there any farmers in the room?

?Cette?s really how it started,? says Mary Boote, CEO of the?Réseau mondial Fermier, a Des Moines-based organization that connects farmers from around the world.” – Lien

Nominations for the 2018 Global Farmer Roundatable are currently being accepted online (cliquez ici).? To learn more about the roundtable and past events visit the ‘Farmer Roundtablesection of the website.


Republican senators urge Trump to rejoin Trans-Pacific PartnershipThe Sydney Morning Herald (Australie) – By David Crowe (fév 19)

Governors including Nevada?s Brian Sandoval, a Republican who chairs the National Governors Association, have also called for the US to join the TPP…” – Lien

Agriculteurs de l'Iowa, and all Iowans, need NAFTA and TPP – Des Moines Register – Opinion by Craig Hill (fév 15)

Agriculture accounts for one of every five jobs in the state…” – Lien

Copa and Cogeca warn against ?selling off agriculture? in Mercosur deal – – By Aidan Fortune (fév 16)

Copa and Cogeca have written to EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, calling for agriculture not to be sold off in trade talks with Mercosur.” – Lien

B.C. challenges Alberta wine ban under free trade rules – Nouvelles de CBC (Canada) – By Michelle Ghoussoub (fév 19)

Hmm, Canadian versus Canadian skirmish that has nothing to do with hockey.? Just goes to show there are a number of trade squabbles out there not instigated by or can be blamed on NAFTA renegotiations, US President Trump, EU non-tariff trade barriers, and a long long list of? other examples… – Lien

U.K. Warns EU It Won’t Pay Brexit Bill Without Good Trade Deal – Bloomberg – By Tim Ross (fév 20) – Lien
Central American nations to sign trade deal with South KoreaThe Business Times (fév 20)

“Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama will seal the pact…” – Lien

As Trump trashes NAFTA, Mexico turns to Brazilian corn – Reuters – By PJ Huffstutter and Adriana Barrera (fév 22) – Lien
WTO chief Roberto Azevedo warns of increased risk of ‘trade wars’ – DW, Vague allemande (fév 24)

Amid mounting tensions between the US and China over tariffs, the WTO has warned that trade wars can happenat any time.””- Lien


One Fish, Two Fish, Strange Fish, New FishbioGraphic, SolutionsBy Richard Martin (fév 13)

AquaBounty’s GE salmoncould offer a way out of the deadly spiral of overfishing that is decimating wild fish stocks.” – Lien

Voir également😕 $40 Million Later, A Pioneering Plan To Boost Wild Fish Stocks Shows Little Success (Radio Nationale Publique, fév 15)

Herb resistant crops remain best way to control weedsThe Western Producers (Canada) – By Graham Scoles Pag (fév 15)

While engaging in an online debate around genetically modified organisms, I realized that few non-farmers understood the issues farmers have dealing with weeds.” – Lien

Consumers want protein raised with same natural supplements humans use – aliments pour animaux (fév 13)
Cargill survey indicates popularity of natural supplements to aid digestive health and animal well-being.” – Lien
Can This Company Convince You to Love GMOs? – L'Atlantique – By Sarah Zhang (fév 12)

?I think people should love GMOs,? Gingko?s [Bioworks] CEO and cofounder, Jason Kelly, told me. ?nous?re super proud of them.? – Lien

How the growth of cities changes farming – L'économiste (fév 15)

Soaring demand for protein is driving small and medium-sized farms to professionalise” – Lien

Know Ideas Media, Know GMO Vlog by Nick Saik?

Bananas are a staple crop in Uganda. When staple crops are threatened by disease the consequences for farmers can be devastating. Farmers in Uganda are struggling to combat Bacterial Wilt, a disease that causes utter destruction to Banana (Matoke) plantations. Bacterial Wilt causes the bananas to rot on the tree, and when the infected tree is inevitably cut down, the freshly cut stocks begin to ooze a thick viscous yellow pus.

Dr. Jerome Kubiriba helps us understand why it’s impossible to breed a resistant banana variety using traditional breeding methods, and why the most direct solution to the problem (Genetic Engineering), is also the least popular solution.

Why We Should Genetically Modify CoffeeRealClearScienceBy Ross Pomeroy (fév 22)

To help lift hundreds of millions of people in the developing world out of poverty, GMO coffee resistant to disease is a humanitarian necessity.” – Lien

Noble Research Institute creates soil health marketplace – ferme de presse (fév 21)
Goal is to reward farmers and ranchers for protecting the environment.” – Lien
Balancing consumer preferences with reality – aliments pour animaux – By Jacqui Fatka (fév 22)
Agricultural food chain needs to help consumers separate fact from fiction in today?s changing consumer-focused food markets.” – Lien


Who are the donors taking on GMOs? – DevexBy Lisa Cornish (fév 13)

In part 3 of the Devex series, ils “look at what role GMOs are playing in development assistance ? and why they attract support.” – Lien (Partie 1 et Partie 2 of the series)

Glyphosate in the spotlight again as activists target Lipton, Skippy and other CPG brands over pesticide residues – Food Navigator USA – Par Elaine Watson (fév 19)

In yet another effort to get attention, anti-GMO activist group Moms Across America released test results suggesting trace levels of glyphosatebut all the levels were extremely low, well below thresholds. – Lien

In GMO debate, Uganda seeks to balance hope and fearThe Christian Science Monitor – Par Christopher Bendana (fév 16)

After publicly supporting a bill that would have legalized genetically modified crops, Uganda’s president is now calling for additional measures to address anti-GMO activistsconcerns.” – Lien

GM ban re-think demanded as `fishycanola markets denied to SA growers – Ferme en ligne (Australie) – By Andrew Marshall (fév 14)

South Australian grain growers are loudly lamenting the cost of their state?s ban on genetically modified (GM) crops which threatens to stop them growing the revolutionary new omega-3 canola.” – Lien

Point de vue: How European activists lobby for a glyphosate ban despite findings of its safety -?Projet d'alphabétisation génétique – By Bill Wirtz (fév 20)?

Most of these environmentalist NGOs all have different public faces but are interconnected, with common reports, événements, membership and general funding. This provides the illusion of a ?mass uprising of outrage? by disparate groups but is actually an ideological collective that shares resources and has the same agenda. Many of these groups also receive grants from the European Union itself.” – Lien

Anti-GMO articles tied to Russian sites, ISU research shows – Des Moines Register – By Donna Eller (fév 25)

Russia is funding articles shared online that question?the safety of GMOs in an effort hurt U.S. agriculture interests and bolster its position as the?”ecologically clean alternativeto genetically engineered food…” – Lien

Judge: Monsanto Not Required to Place Warning Labels on ProductsCourthouse News ServiceBy Nick Cahill (fév 26)

A federal judge on Monday?halted?Californie?s plan to require Monsanto to place warning labels on its Roundup products, saying scientists haven?t shown a clear connection between glyphosate and cancer.” – Lien