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This week’s title came from a few different places…? Anyone involved in production agriculture is aware of automation and technologyit’s been around, evolving, changing and progressing the way things are done on the farm.? ?Mais, recently afarm in the United Kingdom is the first in the world to successfully plant, tend and harvest a crop without a single person ever setting foot in the fieldand that’s an interesting milestone.? That story and another recent piece by the GFNs own Bill Horan in USA Today are below.

Aussi, Dr. Kevin Folta takes a look back after a few years of the infamous, and discredited, Seralini study that used the now so oft used pictures of rats with tumors.? It just proves propaganda is powerful, even if it is false.

And then, thanks to the Projet d'alphabétisation génétique, this piece in its e-update on 9 Oct was eye-catching, Has the Non-GMO label fever peaked? Major vegetable packing firm removes ?fear perpetuating? label.? ?The link to the original piece from PR Week is below as well, and frankly is a bit refreshing to see after it seems every single food company out there, big and small, has been utilizing fear-based marketing on food labels, in the stores, and all forms of advertising.



U.S. to present dairy demands at next round of NAFTA talksCBC News (Canada) – By Kate Simpson (oct 5)

Liberal government under pressure to protect supply management system” – Lien

Pacific Trade Advances Without the US – le journal Wall Street – Éditorial (oct 6)

TPP is moving ahead in ways that will cost American exporters.” – Lien



Field of machines: Researchers grow crop using only automation – CNN – By Spencer Feingold (Sept 7)

A farm in the United Kingdom is the first in the world to successfully plant, tend and harvest a crop without a single person ever setting foot in the field…” – Lien

Your new self-driving car will be pioneered by a farmer – États-Unis aujourd'hui – By Bill Horan, Réseau mondial Fermier (oct 4)

Auto-steering tractors have been allowing us to grow more food on less land with fewer resources for years.” – Lien?(Remarque: upcoming GFN column appearing first at USA Today)

Potatoes, allies on Earth and on MarsSciDevNetBy Zoraida Portillo (oct 6)

Project may trigger further study of crops to anticipate future scenarios” – Lien

Seed Giants See Fresh Start in Gene Editing – le journal Wall Street – By Jacob Bunge (oct 10)

Executives strategizing on how to introduce it to consumers and potentially reset debate over genetically engineered seeds” – Lien

First transgenic cattle pharm breaks ground in South DakotaAG Daily (oct 9)

?At full capacity, juste 20 percent of production at the new facility could potentially supply the entire seasonal influenza market” – Lien

New report reveals how much Irma cost Florida agriculture – Sud-Farm Press (oct 10)

Hurricane Irma cost Florida agriculture $2.5 billion in damages, according to a recently released report.” – Lien


Why Mann Packing is removing non-GMO labels as major brands add themPR WeekBy Diana Bradley (oct 3)

Gina Nucci, Mann’s director of corporate marketing, explained that the produce company doesn’t want to perpetuate a fear that something is wrong with GMOs.” – Lien

The Rats that?KillBy Kevin Folta (oct 5)

A Retrospective Look at One Figure in a Scientific Paper with a Body Count” – Lien

Uganda Parliament adopts GMO law in a monumental victory for science allies – Alliance Cornell pour la science – By Isaac Ongu (oct 4)

“…finally, banana farmers will be able to access varieties of banana resistant to bacterial wilt, and the people, en particulier les enfants, can finally eat bananas and other foods rich in Vitamin A.? – Lien

Uganda removes key hurdle to GM crops – Science – Par?Christopher Bendana (oct 6) – Lien

EU set to delay vote on weed-killer glyphosate – Reuters (oct 5) – Lien

Congress Should Investigate?le?Organic Scam – national Review – By Julie Kelly (oct 10)

Imagine for a moment this was any other industry. Suppose the pharmaceutical industry had been caught using shady ingredients from dubious exporters, mislabeling their drugs, and selling them to consumers at a premium. Capitol Hill and the media would be in full pitchfork mode.”?- Lien

Food fundamentalism: is food the new religion? – The Western Producer (Canada) – By Robert Arnason (oct 5)

Put another way, people who eat organic or avoid genetically modified food are part of a group with common ethics. And the members of that group likely believe that their values are superior to people not in the group.” – Lien