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Generally speaking, the impression people likely get from news over recent months is that the state of trade is in a terrible flux and causing much angst and concern. A bit of a roller coaster ride as the main picture for this week suggests.

That’s a completely understandable assessment and the argument certainly can be easily made. Cependant, the newest World Trade Outlook Indicator, monitored by the World Trade Organization (OMC), seems to diverge with the negativity a bit (see grapic and story link below).

The WTOs latest World Trade Outlook Indicator (WTOI) is at it’s highest level since April 2011. (Source: Organisation mondiale du commerce)

Also included below, you’ll notice news indicating that Kenya is moving forward, while the State of South Australia isn’t on biotech crop adoption. Concerted efforts have been waged to impede crop trials and acceptance in Kenya (and much of Africa) so this is clearly positive news on that front.

But then across the Indian Ocean from there, the Premier of South Australiathe only mainland state in the nation that has a GM morotorium- bluntly indicated he is ignoring requests from farmers to end the ban early. It’s currently slated to expire in 2019, Cependant, the Premier also wants to extend it longer. Below is a link to a story, where to paraphrase one of his quotes, he essentially says the rural community doesn’t have enough voting clout so he doesn’t have to listen to them.

Global Farmer Network member Heather Baldock, who farms with her husband in SA, authored a recent column on the topic ici that also appeared in FarmOnline publications in Australia, SA GM ban nothing to do with health or scienceall about politics.

That headline says it all.




Trade indicator points to continued modest recovery of world trade in third quarter – Organisation mondiale du commerce (Aug 7)

“…The latest reading of 102.6 is higher than the previous reading of 102.2 issued in May this year, suggesting sustained momentum for trade growth.” – Lien

Trump promised a trade war. Here’s what he’s doing instead. – Le Washington Post, Éditorial (Aug 6) – Lien


Apec miracle: how the US and China can look beyond TPP and RCEP for Asia-Pacific trade harmony – South China Morning Post – By Zha Daojiong (Aug 6)

Beijing and Washington could use their Apec membership as the scope to work towards the establishment of a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific, to benefit all Pacific Rim economies” – Lien

Ag may have played a role in convincing Trump to hold off on China trade action – CNBC – By Jeff Daniels (Aug 4) – Lien

U.S. Beef Is Back on China’s Shelves—But China Doesn’t Care – Bloomberg (Aug 4)

“I would like to try the U.S. viande bovine, but there are only a few options to choose from…” – Lien

Free-Trade is a Two-Way Street – Wall Street Journal – Commentary by Wilbur Ross (Aug 1)

“La Chine, the EU and other trading partners put up formidable barriers to imports from America.” – Lien (Subscription required)

US sanctions are ‘trade waron Russia, says PM Medvedev – BBC News (Aug 3) – Lien

Mercosur trade bloc suspends Venezuela on democracy concernsABC News/AP (Aug 5) – Lien

Agriculture: Sowing the Seeds of Global Trade Competition – Stratfor, Worldview (Aug 3)

“[The US and EU] will seek to set and control international biotech policy and food safety regulations…Néanmoins, China will retain the upper hand in the agriculture industry as producers vie for access to the world’s biggest importer.” – Lien

Scrap import tariffs and review food standards post-Brexit, says think-tank – Food Navigator – Par David Burrows (Aug 7)

The UK should use Brexit to “lower and ultimately eliminate” trade tariffs on food imports and review all scientific evidence on food safety, including genetically modified (GM) foods and chlorine-washed chicken.” – Lien



Agtech profits gone missing with low on-farm sensor uptake – La terre (Australie) – Par Mike Foley (Aug 7) – Lien

Russian struggle against GMO feed hurts meat business – – Par Vladislav Vorotnikov (Aug 4)

“…this is only one aspect of the campaign Russia is waging against GMOsthe situation in Russia has driven up feed prices, putting heavy pressure on meat producers…” – Lien

AquaBounty to start US production at former Bell Fish site – Nourrir Navigator – Par Aerin Einstein-Curtis (Aug 2)

AquaBounty Technologies buys aquaculture facility in Indiana to start land-based production of engineered AquAdvantage salmon.” – Lien

GMO salmon caught in U.S. regulatory net, but Canadians have eaten 5 tonnes – Washington Post – By Jenna Gallegos (Aug 4) – Lien

Ancient grain genome breakthrough advances struggle for food security – Food Navigator – By Gill Hyslop (Aug 4)

“…will open up an unparalleled opportunity to further the development of hardier, more productive strains of modern wheat.” – Lien

Methodological Flaws Found In Studies Reporting Adverse Effects Of GM CropsCropBiotech Update (ISAAA) (Aug 2) – Lien



Safety agency defies Mailu over GMO trialsBusiness Daily (Kenya) (Aug 2)

“…National Performance Trial for biotech maize and cotton is scheduled to start as soon as October.” – Lien

SA Premier Jay Weatherill rejects grain growerspush to legalise genetically modified crops – ABC News (Australie) – By Marty McCarthy (Juillet 28)

The South Australian Premier says a lack of voter support from rural electorates means he will not be pressured by grain farmers to scrap a ban on the growing of genetically modified foods.” – Lien

Head of EPA promises agency will return to basics – Presse agricole de l'ouest – By Tom J. Bechman (Aug 3)

Scott Pruitt tells farmers he will guide EPA back to following its original mission.” – Lien

Trump’s Win Squelched the Anti-GMO movement – Examen national – Par Julie Kelly (Aug 2)

Le [Vermont GMO-labeling] legislation was the result of years of successful lobbying by the organic industry and environmentalists to alarm consumers about GMOs in their foodto make GMOs sound dangerous so people will buy more non-GMO, organic goods.” – Lien

Fear and regulatory costs dogging genetically engineered crops – Biotechnologies pour améliorer les graines – Par Hembree Brandon (Aug 3)

Genome editing, has taken crop plant breeding to “an entirely new level,” says Dr. Adrianne Massey. Mais “a totally dysfunctional regulatory systemand activist opposition continue as barriers to progress.” – Lien
*** File this under just another unnecessary marketing/scare tactic:

Heavenly Organics announces new glyphosate-free certification by The Detox Project – Food Navigator USA – By Adi Menayang (Aug 2)

Honey and confectionery maker Heavenly Organics announced that it is the first brand to receive The Detox Project’s new glyphosate residue-free certification.” – Lien

FDA authorizes qualified health claim for soybean oil – Aliments pour animaux – Par Jacqui Fatka (Aug 4)

Manufacturers may now communicate that soybean oil may reduce coronary heart disease risk and lower LDL cholesterol.” – Lien
Inside the Secret World of Global Food Spies – Bloomberg (Aug 7)

Retail giants turn to bitcoin technology to combat food-fraud” – Lien