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China offers concessions to avert trade war with US – Financial Times (Royaume-Uni) – By Tom Mitchell and Shawn Donnan (avr 10)
Xi affords Trump prospect of quick wins on market access in finance and beef” – Lien
India is losing faith in free-trade agreementsBloomberg ViewBy Mihir Sharma (avr 9)

China-backed trade pact Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP, has discovered a familiar hurdle in the path?Inde” – Lien

Trump tweets: ‘Time will tellon trade with China – politico – By Rebecca Morin (avr 8)

It was a great honor to have President Xi Jinping and Madame Peng Liyuan of China as our guests in the United States. Tremendous…” the president wrote. “…goodwill and friendship was formed, but only time will tell on trade.” – Lien

Trump considers investigation of international trade partners – Washington post, WonkblogBy Damian Paletta (avr 9)

“… considering?an executive action that would launch?a formal investigation into the way U.S. trading partners?use subsidies and a tactic known as ?dumping? to skew imports and exports…” – Lien

Labor warns of Trump-style anti-trade backlash building in AustraliaSydney Morning HeraldBy Adam Gartrell (avr 10)

If you look closely enough you can see the seeds of the same problem taking root here too…” – Lien

As CETA looms, Canada braces for the European cheese invasion – Le Globe and Mail – By Sylvain Charlebois (avr 9)

Subsidies aside, many European dairy farms are more competitive than our farms in Canada. Beyond the meagre financial-support programs, a clear road map to make our dairy sector more competitive is urgently needed.’ – Lien

New trade deal with India could be years away, Malcolm Turnbull saysABC News (Australie) – By Stephen Dziedzic (avr 10)

But negotiations became bogged down last year after that deadline sailed by. Talks have now come to a virtual standstill with Australia turning its attention to a trade deal with Indonesia instead.” – Lien

Chili, China start talks to expand trade dealYahooNews (Australie) / AFP (avr 11)

Latin American countries are concerned about the impact Trump’s trade policies will have…” – Lien

Trump administration moving ahead with ending Jones Act exemptionsPlatts (avr 11)

The 100-year-old Jones Act requires vessels transporting goods between US ports to be US-flagged, US-built and majority US-owned.” – Lien

Trade recovery expected in 2017 et 2018, amid policy uncertainty – OMC (avr 12)

Growth in the volume of world merchandise trade is expected to rebound this year from its tepid performance in 2016, but only if the global economy recovers as expected and governments pursue the right policy mix, WTO economists reported.” – Lien


PPPs: Planting the seeds of prosperity for Bangladeshi farmersDevexBy Deb Carstoiu (Mar 30)

“… the Bt eggplant has shown?close to 100 percent effectiveness?in controlling pests. Not only have farmers? incomes risen through increased yields, but the crop requires?far fewer insecticide applications?to reduce pests that threaten it.” – Lien

Food tech: the future is now, say investors?- Food Navigator – By David Burrows (avr 7)

Food prices are rising, corporates are failing to innovate and diets are shifting ? il?s the perfect recipe for a food tech start-up.” – Lien

California citrus growers face headwinds in ACP battle – Western Farm Press – Par Todd Fitchette (avr 4)
For all the California industry?s best efforts to control the psyllid and contain the disease in California, HLB continues to be found in urban neighborhoods east of L.A. While it hasn?t yet been found in commercial groves, that is arguably just a matter of time.” – Lien
Armyworm wrecks havoc with Kenya?s grain basketDaily Nation (avr 9) – Lien
Inside the little-known Monsanto campus where scientists are changing the way you eatBusiness InsiderBy Melia Robinson (avr 10)

On a sprawling campus in Woodland, Californie, Monsanto chips away at making a juicier melon, a more shelf-stable onion, a tomato that doesn’t go limp in shipment, and other foods made using?traditional breeding techniques augmented by high-tech tools.” – Lien

Gene editing opens doors to seedless fruit with no need for beesNew ScientistBy Alice Klein (avr 11)

The technique will make it possible to make?a much wider range of seedless fruits than is currently available…” – Lien



Californie?s Wasted Winter Rains – le journal Wall Street – Review & Outlook (avr 5)

The drought is over but the greens keep sending the water out to sea.” – Lien

*For background?- see op-ed by GFN board member Ted Sheely, California Farmers Invest Water to Feed People

*Remarque – see Apr 11 News Release: ?Reclamation Releases 100 Percent Water Supply Allocation for Central Valley Project Contractors South-of-Delta?

Glyphosate to join Proposition 65 liste?- Food Navigator USA – By Elaine Watson?(avr 10)

The herbicide glyphosate is to be added to the list of chemicals known to cause cancer under California’s Proposition 65 legislation, which means companies producing products containing residues of the popular herbicide may in future have to feature warning labels.” – Lien

Give GMOs a break, alcohol is a group 1 carcinogenThe Star (Kenya) – By David Makumi (avr 7)

Every time the Health ministry weighs in on the debate on genetically modified organisms, it is almost always to effect a ban. From the recent move to stop field trials, to maintaining the earlier ban that was informed by a now discredited French study, the ministry is overly sensitive to all matters GMOs.” – Lien

Health risk from pesticide residues is low, says EFSA?- Food Navigator -By Niamh Michail?(avr 12)

The health risk from pesticide residues in food is low, according to a report by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)…” – Lien