Farming on the Frontline


Global Farmer Network member Kees Huizinga, a Dutch farmer farming in Ukraine, talks about his farming experience in a country at war, who will be the most affected by the resulting food insecurity, and how you can help make strides toward establishing peace and increasing food security. Listen to this special episode of Headlines of the Future, Farming on the Frontline.

Kornelis Kees Huizinga

Kornelis Kees Huizinga

Kornelis 'Kees' Huizinga has farmed in central Ukraine for 20 years, growing onions, carrots, wheat, barley, canola, sugar beet, corn, sunflowers and navy beans. They also have a modern dairy farm. Kees is a member of the Global Farmer Network.  In 2022, Kees received the GFN Kleckner Global Farm Leader Award.

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