Farmer Talk Video with Rosalie Ellasus


GFN member Rosalie Ellasus, Philippines, is an advocate of biotechnology, with the nickname “Queen of Bt corn” as she was the first to introduce the technology to local farmers. After observing the introduction of Bt corn in Pangasinan, she saw the improvement. She became the pioneer and role model for Bt corn. Planting Bt corn is less-labor intense, offers higher yield potential for better profits and the corn is not rejected by millers and traders.

Interviewed by CropLife Asia, she talks about her role as an advocate of biotechnology.

Rosalie Ellasus

Rosalie Ellasus

Rosalie Ellasus is a first-generation farmer, growing corn and rice in San Jacinto, Philippines. Rosalie allows her farm to be used as a demonstration pilot for smallholder farmers to visit and learn from. She currently serves as President of the Philippine Maize Federation and is a member of the Truth About Trade & Technology Global Farmer Network.

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