False start on Canada and China trade talks – news for week of Dec 4


News items related to ag tech, biotech, trade ? and perhaps some other interesting topics out there related to agriculture ? will be posted on this page throughout the week (as the week progresses newest items will be in green at bottom of sections). Check the page during the week for updates.



China and Canada Fail to Agree on Launching Free Trade Talks – Bloomberg (Dec 4)

“Trudeau pushes for ?progressive? chapters on gender and labor” – Link

See also: Bloomberg Dec 4?Trudeau?s Beijing Scramble Is Canada?s Latest Trade Stumble??(video)

The Winning Case For Free Trade – Investor’s Business Daily, Editorial (Dec 4)

“Both political parties these days give short shrift to the idea of free trade. It’s a pity, because, as a new report shows, it’s the key to a better life for all.” – Link


Ghana joins forces with South Africa to fight EU -?By Oscar Rousseau (Dec 4)

“Ghana and South Africa have agreed to form a united front against EU poultry dumping tactics, believed to have resulted in thousands of job losses.” – Link

What cheese can tell you about international barriers to trade – The Economist (Nov 30)

“Why dairy products loom large in many trade deals” – Link (subscription-based)



Promising feed trials for GM canola – The Fish Site – By Rob Fletcher (Nov 30)

“Trials and analyses of feeds including omega-3-rich oil from genetically-modified (GM) canola indicate that it promotes good growth rates in salmon” – Link

Consumers want products with values they believe in – Feedstuffs (Nov 29)

“Survey finds more than 60% of consumers think brands should advocate for customers and their interests.” – Link
Budweiser Wants to Brew Beer on Mars. That?s Even Harder Than It Sounds – Time – By Jeffrey Kluger (Nov 30) – Link



Europe still burns witches ? if they?re named Monsanto – Cornell Alliance for Science – By Mark Lynas (Nov 28)

“This was never about glyphosate as a chemical. It was about glyphosate as a symbol, a symbol for opposition to Monsanto, pesticides, GMOs and a modern farming system which populist factions of different political stripes, led by the Greens, now love to hate.” – Link

Viewpoint: Non-GMO Project label offers nothing for consumers – Genetic Literacy Project – By David Warmflash (Dec 4)

“Do they [food companies] expect this to increase profits, or are they just hoping to avoid becoming the target of a boycott?” – Link

Organic Foods? Premium Prices and Uncertain Benefits: QuickTake – Washington Post / Bloomberg – By Leslie Patton (Nov 29)

“The?premium prices?may not be buying everything that?s promised.” – Link

DNA-Based Diet Advice Is Big Business With Little Scientific Support – Fast Company – By Laura Entis (Nov 27)

“Tech companies are selling expensive diets based on genetic and microbiome sequencing. But scientists say there are no shortcuts to healthy weight loss.” – Link

Viewpoint: Zen Honeycutt’s ‘inexcusable’ attack on orange growers betrays science – Genetic Literacy Project – By Kevin Folta (Nov 30) – Link

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