EU Farming in Trouble: The Solution? Young Farmers and a New Ag Model


GFN member and the President of CEJA, Diana Lenzi tells how managing the farm led her to meet many other young farmers in her area, sparking her to found the Siena section of ANGA (​​Confagricoltura) which she led as President for six years. She explains, “From that, I started meeting all the other groups from all over Italy and was really kind of shocked at how many other young people there were that were also taking over or starting fresh, that were leaving the jobs that they had been pursuing to go back to agriculture, to take over family farms, to transform them, and it was very inspiring.”

Read more in the article by Lauren Richards, Impakter, who spoke to Diana Lenzi, to learn more about “the road to sustainability in agriculture”.

Video credit:  CEJA Young Farmers.

Diana Lenzi

Diana Lenzi

Since 2008, Diana Lenzi is running her family's winery, Fattoria di Petroio, near Siena in Tuscany, Italy. She owns and farms 15 hectars of organic vineyards to produce Chianti Classico wines. From 5 hectars of an organic olive grove, the farm produces extra virgin olive oil. She has an international market for the products, but also relies on direct sales at the farm. The farm hosts tourists, wine tours, and wine events that are organized by her family. In addition to a culinary career, Diana has experience in young farmers organizations.

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