Educational & Pop-Up Farm Increases Ag Interest


In part two of his interview, GFN member Ian Pigott, England, discusses the education charity and farm education programs he’s created to help students get excited about and more interested in agriculture. Ian shares that while a lot of farm programs talk about farm-to-fork, “That really highlights how agriculture needs to completely re-address how we approach young people. Farm-to-fork is completely wrong, it needs to be fork-to-farm. Because you need to start with the young person and work backwards to the farm.” He continues, “Agriculture is a destination for the best and brightest.”

This is part two of the two part series.

Ian Pigott

Ian Pigott

Ian Pigott runs a diversified farming business in Harpenden, UK. Located just 20 miles from the centre of London, he grows wheat, oilseed, rape and oats in rotation. The farm is a LEAF (linking environment and farming) demonstration farm. Ian is a Global Farmer Network member.

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