Denmark-Policy Impacts


Knud Bay Smidt is a farmer from Denmark and a member of the Global Farmer Network. He’s an innovator and one of the few farmers in the country who have adopted no-till farming. He would like to see the European Union move away from the New Green Deal and toward technology solutions in agriculture.

Knud Bay-Smidt

Knud Bay-Smidt

Knud was raised on a 4th generation family farm. After college, he started his own farm in 1987 which is a purely arable farm, based on a No-Till system. He grows wheat, barley, oat and oilseed rape. From 1990-2010, he purchased and exported ag machinery to 12 countries in Europe, Africa, South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Now he is a freelance sales agent of No-Till machinery. At present, he is also studying the impact of agriculture on the nearby environment at a School of Applied Sciences.

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