Definition of Sustainability from Global Farmer Network farmers


What does sustainability mean to farmers? And what does it look like on their farms? These seven members of the Global Farmer Network tell us.

You’ll hear from:

  • Argentina—Maria Beatriz Giraudo Gaviglio
  • Canada—Alanna Koch
  • India—Sudhanshu Kumar
  • Ireland—Cheryl Hazenberg
  • New Zealand—Craige Mackenzie
  • United States—Jennie Schmidt
  • Uruguay—Gabriel Carballal
Craige Mackenzie

Craige Mackenzie

Farming since 1978 on 200 hectares - seed crops including wheat, ryegrass, fescue, hybrid carrots, hybrid radish, spinach and chicory; use crop sensing, soil mapping, variable rate application of fertilizer, chemicals and irrigation. Partners in a 1200 cow dairy. Craige volunteers as a board member for the Global Farmer Network.

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