de Vor hopes for stable, strong ag in 2023


A dairy farmer and member of the Global Farmer Network from the Netherlands, Judith de Vor sends a recap of 2022 and her well wishes for 2023. Her hope for 2023 is for more stability and a strong future for farmers. Watch her video here.

Judith de Vor

Judith de Vor

Raised in the city but married to a farmer, Judith de Vor is now a proud dairy farmer who is working with her animals every day. Together with her husband Rick and 3 kids, as a fifth generation they continue their love for the animals and the land while raising cows. They are working in a sustainable and regenerative way – as much as possible. Their environment, the society, nature and landscape management are important parts of the way they farm. Judith is running several projects for increasing biodiversity and endangered bird species are protected at the farm. Thousands of people are being welcomed each year on the farm. From open farm days to school classes, agricultural organizations and policy makers; they all come to the farm to learn and understand farming and food production. Judith believes dialogue is very important when it comes to making true connections.

Judith is an advocate for agriculture and part of TeamAgroNL and a Nuffield farming scholar. She promotes Dutch food and farmers and speaks at several events all over the world. With a background in political science, agricultural policies has her interest. She is also an agricultural social innovator. Judith is stimulating and supporting other farmers with new ideas, leadership and personal development with special attention to mental health. She is currently working on creating a new mentoring program.

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  1. Thanks Judith de vVor for good wishes to GFN big family.I am travelling travelling from aToronto to NewDelhi via Amsterdam on 7 April with my wife.
    PPS Pangli 2016 GFN member from India.