Commemorating International Women’s Day


In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, female members of the Global Farmer Network (GFN) shared their stories with CropLife International.

Still today, there are unique challenges female farmers face every day and it’s important to talk about them to close the gap and achieve equality. As Mary Boote, Global Farmer Network’s CEO says, “The important thing to remember is that agriculture, farming, and food systems cover every aspect of our lives; women can find space in this important, life-sustaining industry.”

We invite you to go to the links and read their full stories, but we are delighted to share some insights from their interviews.

Female farmers love their job for different reasons. Being able to produce food to help reduce the challenge of food insecurity in their communities is very rewarding, as they see each growing season progress to the end point of harvest knowing you did all that you could to produce safe, nutritious foods for consumers. It is truly an honor to be able to take care of life. From planting to harvesting our crops, seeing newborn calves every day and watching them grow, is just magnificent, and between all of this, there is something that hasn’t changed: the innovative creativity and resilience that is required of someone committed to agriculture production.

They have some advice for young women wanting to contribute to sustainable food and farming.

Mary Boote’s advice is to just do it!  If you are interested in making a difference in our world and in people’s lives, engaging in the world’s food system is a place where you can truly make a difference.

Jennie Schmidt shares that women in agriculture have a lot to contribute and should not be intimidated into venturing into a non-traditional career in agriculture, so persistence is key.

Ruramiso Mashumba says that women are central in ending hunger, so women must have better access to resources, and that’s why it’s so important to share our stories.

Finally, Gina Gutierrez’ advice is to love what you do, because without passion, it won’t matter how much you studied and prepared yourself, you won’t be able to overcome all the obstacles there are, because women are still facing additional challenges that men rarely have.

Developing a network of farmers is what we do at the GFN. Our female farmers can guide younger women and advise them as they move forward. We invite you to get to know them better, visiting our Farmer Directory. We are actively looking for more farmers who are interested in the advocacy work of the GFN and have an interest to join the Network. To nominate a farmer, please complete an on-line nomination form.



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