Global Farmer Roundtable Nomination Form

Please use this form to nominate a farmer to attend the Global Farmer Roundtable (GFR). The person you are nominating to attend the event and become a member of the Global Farmer Network (GFN) must be a farmer engaged in agricultural production.

This is an invitation-only event hosted by the Global Farmer Network. Nominations for the next Global Farmer Roundtable and Leadership Training are open. Scheduled to be held during October 2021, the next Roundtable will include a component virtual anterior a reunir-se personalment a Brussel·les, Bèlgica. la la data de l'esdeveniment presencial depèn de quan es permeti el viatge i la gent se senti segura.

Those farmers selected will be personally contacted by GFN.

Before nominating yourself or a farmer you know, see the webpage Quin és el granger Global Roundtable? This will give a better understanding of who makes a good candidate for the Roundtable and to be a member of the Global Farmer Network. The webpages on Les taules rodones últims i la premi Kleckner will also be of interest. The social media accounts should be toolook at GFN on Facebook and also on Twitter with @GlobalFarmerNet and then @World_Farmers where GFN members take turns hosting the handle for a few weeks at a time.

Online nominations are much preferred and very strongly recommended, but we understand at times that may not be possible for everyone. Here are the alternative methods:

  • Mail / PostIf you need to send the nomination via mail or post, please include all the information asked for below, you may include a photo and short biography, but it is not required for submission. Send to “Xarxa Global Farmer, A l'atenció: GFR Nomination, 309 Court Ave, Ste 214, des Moines, Iowa 50309, Estats Units”.
  • e-mail – If you need to send the nomination via email, either by text in the email or on a Word Document or PDF, please include all the information asked for below; you may include a photo and short biography, but it is not required for submission. In the subject line, please includeGFR Nominationand then the country and name of the farmer being nominated. Please email it to [email protected].

Before starting a nomination: Please look over the questions and then have all the necessary information available to complete and submit the nomination. “Instructionsare provided for some of the questions and can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the field. Once started, the form must be filled in and submitted. Do not refresh the page once started as the information that has been input will be lost, and the page cannot be saved and completed later. Partial submissions cannot be accepted. While the nomination may be completed on a mobile or smart-phone, it is most easily done so on a computer and that is the suggested method.

Confirmation when submitted: After a submission is made (1) you will see an acknowledgment message on the webpage indicating the nominaton has been made, i (2) the nominee will receive an emailed copy of the submission acknowledging they have been nominated to the GFR.

Note about attachments (picture/biography) – if a nomination is already submitted but you did not or forgot to include, or had an internet or file size problem with including/attaching a photo or biography, but wish to have included with the nomination, please send via email to [email protected]please include the name of the farmer nominated and country in the subject line.

If you encounter any other problems with the online nomination form or have questions, email us at [email protected].

IMPORTANTplease include the name of the farmer nominated and country in the email subject line for all email communication regarding a nomination/submission.

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