Inseguretat alimentària: Entrevista a Huizinga


After spending the last few weeks telling of the threat to food security from Russia’s war on Ukraine, Kees Huizinga is returning to Ukraine for spring crop planting and harvest of fall crops. Agri-Business Today held an entrevista with Kees, who tells of the chain of events in farming that may cause a huge gap in global food supply. Huizinga is a member of the Global Farmer Network.

Kornelis Kees Huizinga

Kornelis Kees Huizinga

Kornelis ‘Kees’ Huizinga has farmed in central Ukraine for 20 ans, growing onions, pastanagues, blat, ordi, canola, remolatxa sucrera, blat de moro, sunflowers and navy beans. They also have a modern dairy farm. Kees is a member of the Global Farmer Network

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