Maria Beatriz Giraudo has been long involved with the Argentine Association of Direct Sowing Producers, Apropiat and is the honorary president of the group. She is also a member of the Global Farmer Network Advisory Council as well as having been named the 2016 premi Kleckner recipient.

This year is a major anniversary for Aapresid – la XXVII Congreso Aapresid being held Aug 7-9and Maria was recently interviewed about it

The article from Clarn is translated from its original Spanish to English.

30 years of AapresidPilu Giraudo: “While the proximity to the society to which we aspire is underway, we still have a long way to go

The honorary president of Aapresid is one of the promoters of Good Agricultural Practices (BPA).

ClarnJuly 13, 2019- By Esteban Fuentes

Mara Beatriz Giraudo, better known asPilu”, is a producer in southern Santa Fe and honorary president of the Argentine Association of Direct Sowing Producers (Apropiat).He presided over the institution from 2014 per 2016 and became the first woman to be in command.

-From the birth of Aapresid to the present, what do you think was the mainstay for growth?

Have a defined north with a strong mission and a mandate with principles and values ??of our pioneers.Highlighting the horizontality and generosity of sharing, mistakes and successes, learning from and with the other, the famous collaborative intelligence that allows us to advance and promotes the slogannadiesabetantocomoloquesabemosjuntos”, anticipating the challenges and with the conviction of being in continuous improvement and permanent evolution

How was the stage of transmitting the institution’s vision for society?

Communication and closeness with the society we aspire to, although it is underway, we still have a long way to go.The obstacles appear when there is no possibility of exchange.Both in the country and in the world, when we tell how Aapresid was born, how we work and where we are going, it is difficult for someone not to identify with promoting sustainable production systems of fiber and energy foods, through innovation, science and Network work management.And the great advantage that we have, is that anyone of Aapresid who has to present to the Institution in the country or in the world, we do it telling our own stories, with mistakes and successes, protagonists and this generates a lot of confidence.In the fields and organizations dedicated to this activity internationally, we have excellent reception.

-How was this concern to transmit the knowledge and technology of Direct Sowing to the world?

No-till agvocate Maria Giraudo from Argentina received the 2016 premi Kleckner.

In this permanent presence of Aapresid in different global exchange spaces, it is inevitable to observe that many of the problems that arise could begin to be managed through the implementation of the direct sowing system (healthy soils, water use efficiency , lower fuel use and reduce emissions, intensification, among others).The world has an adoption of direct sowing that does not reach 12% of the cultivated land, and the conviction of bringing that knowledge to the whole world is absolute, not only from Aapresid but as a public-private technology transfer team with professionals, maquinària , input and process technologies, international relations and much more.To make this possible,We must not only be organized in Argentina but have a local counterpart in the recipient country that somehow paves and accompanies this landing.This is happening in sub-Saharan Africa, with the help of AfDB (African Development Bank), with partners and technicians hired living there, allied with agricultural machinery companies, in permanent liaison with INTA adjusting models, use of Agtechs and other strategic partners for Be able to wear this adaptation correctly.

-The institution turns 30 years old.What challenge do they have ahead?

The vertiginous of these 30 years is incredible.I believe that we have to continue deepening our path with a focus on sustainability, evolving along with the enormous power of the bioeconomy, exploring new productions and systems integrations that take circular agriculture to its maximum expression.More than ever convinced that is the way to contribute to bring more development and opportunities to every corner of the country.Also insisting with the certifications as quality management process systems, which provide traceability and added value through our sustainable production systems, transparency and trust for the entire society.And work to be part of a Country Brand consolidating Argentina’s leadership globally.