Global Farmer Network member Pam Johnson from Iowa was interviewed recently at Voice of America (VOA) parlant de comerç l'important és per als agricultors americans. Last week we shared the interview des de “US Farmers Counting on Passage of US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement.This week is another interviewTrade War Sowing Seeds of Doubt in US Farmerspublished May 15.

Trade War Sowing Seeds of Doubt in US Farmers

Per Farabaugh de Kane – Veu d'Amèrica
Maig 15, 2019

The typical routines of life on a family farm carry a heavier burden these days for Pam Johnson.

“First thing I do is make a pot of coffee,” she told VOA in an interview in one of the cavernous sheds that contain her green and yellow John Deere farming equipment. Once she has that coffee, she “(goes) to the computer and look at what grain prices have done overnight and usually do a gut clutch, because they’ve been going down. They’re at five-month lows.”

Driven there in part by retaliatory tariffs imposed by one of the largest importers of U.S. soybeans – China.

Johnson and her husband are proud sixth-generation farmers but say they are dealing with some of the harshest economic conditions of their lives.

“We’re all tightening our belts,” she says

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