There may not be enough pigs in the world to make up for the losses that China and the rest of Asia està a punt de patir un nou brot de pesta porcina africana.

Per als consumidors, it means the price of bacon and altres productes de porc will espiga. Per als agricultors com jo, it means that we’ll continue to focus on doing what is needed per garantir la salut dels nostres animals amb mesures de seguretat forta.

Ningú en la nostra economia global is immune to what’s passant. Als Estats Units, el National Pork Producers Council cancel·lat Expo aquest any Mundial de porc, un esdeveniment important que atrau milers de visitants a Iowa.

"Hem decidit extremar la prudència,"va dir NPPC presidenta David Herring, un productor de carn de porc a Carolina del nord. "La salut dels EUA. ramat de porcs és primordial.”

La latest eruption of African swine fever was first reported last year in China, home to 433 million pigs, the world’s largest population. Some experts estimate that the country could lose up to half of them through mortality and preventative culling. Que és almost the combined size of the pig populations en la Unió Europea (150 milions) i als Estats Units (73 milions).

What may be the only good news is that our food is safe to eat. African swine fever poses no risk to human health. Although this viral disease can devastate herds of pigs, both on farms and in the wild, això no transferir a persones. Ha d'haver cap preocupació per comprar carn de porc per ser gaudit per la seva família amb seguretat.

Annechien ’ granja familiar s ha rebut el reconeixement nacional com "Empresari agrícola de l'any 2019."

Tot i així, la malaltia presenta un gran problem per l'agricultura. Que will empènyer cap amunt preus de consum, complicar comerç, i amenacen la subsistència de productors de porc.

Aquí als Països Baixos, meva família guanya una vida augmentant carn de porc. Tenim 600 sembra i 5,600 classificats (és a dir, porcs de carn en preparació per al mercat). Any passat vàrem presentar la nostra marca de consum, Hamletz, which is known for its commitment to animal welfare as well as its distinctively good taste, which is partly the result of special feed we créixer on our farm. En Març, our farm received national recognition as “Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.”

African swine fever hasn’t touched our farm and we plan to keep it that way—but we also know that pork producers are vulnerable no matter where they live. The outbreak in China has entered neighboring Vietnam and could spread throughout Southeast Asia. És endèmica en parts d'Europa Oriental i Rússia. Passat mes de setembre, l'esclat va ser descobert entre senglars a Bèlgica, que és coming molt dolents sobre tancar a les nostres pròpies operacions.

Hem vigilar la salut dels nostre ramat estretament. Prenem mostres de sang mensualment i veterinarians come by routinely. Perquè no hi ha una preocupació que infecta porc en alimentació podria difondre la malaltia, we are very careful to make sure our pigs are not fed anything that might be questioned. I although pigs have a reputation for rolling around in brutícia i mud, ens insist en standards of cleanliness: Visitors to our farm must take showers and wear clothes provided by our farm before we let them see our swine.

Si we have a suspicion of disease, ens jump into acció, incloent-hi an emergency number to call. The Dutch government is ready to respond with biosafety protocols. In the event of an Pesta porcina africana esclat, our country will divide into regions for the purpose of containment, with a goal of keeping the disease away from uninfected farms.

The one thing we can’t control as well as we’d like is the wild boar population. They’re allowed in only two areas of the Netherlands, but they have a habit of escaping and expanding their territory. When spotted outside of these zones, they should be shot immediately.

Our country has suffered in the past from African swine fever: In the late 1990s, productors de porc had to reduce seva ramats per 2 million hogs. It took the industry a decade to recover.

This year’s outbreak already has caused pork prices to rise to their highest level in several years. All signs suggest that they’ll go higher still. This creates an economic opportunity for our farm, and we’ll take advantage of it. Yet we’re wary of disruptions. We’d prefer a stable market with healthy pigs and reliable prices, rather than dramatic fluctuations caused by disease, culling, i les desgràcies dels productors de porc companys.

Però en l'agricultura, sabem que no sempre tenim el camí. Així que com sempre, our job is to do our part to keep our porcs Caixa forta and to supply the world with the pork it wants.