Notícies relacionades amb la tecnologia d'ag, biotec, Comerç- i potser alguns altres temes interessants que hi ha relacionats amb l'agricultura-es publicaran en aquesta pàgina durant tota la setmana (com la setmana progressa nous elements seran a verd al fons de les seccions). Comproveu la pàgina durant la setmana de les actualitzacions.


NAFTA dibuixa sentiments trobats a Mèxic com continuar negociacions comercials – Diari de negocis de Phoenix – Per Andrea Jaramillo, Cronkite Borderlands iniciativa (DEC 28)

“[A]alguns funcionaris mexicans intenta convèncer u s. President Donald Trump que NAFTA ha estat beneficiós per a tots dos països, Mexicans crítics del tractat crec que és temps per al seu govern de fer una ullada a les seves deficiències dur.” – Enllaç

La meitat dels EUA. soy exports to China would fall afoul of new rules – Reuters – Per Tom Polansek, Michael Hirtzer (DEC 27)

“It’s going to raise the costs of sending the soybeans to China”Enllaç

What’s Next for Agriculture in the WTO? – U. Dept. de l'agricultura, Foreign Agriculture ServiceBy Jason Hafemeister, Trade Counsel, U. Departament d'agricultura (Jan 5)

Following the conclusion of the 11th Organització Mundial del comerç (OMC) Ministerial Conference last month, it’s time for WTO members to reflect, reset, and reinvigorate the agriculture negotiations to tackle the real-world international trade concerns that face agriculture today.” – Enllaç

Trump Courts Economic Mayhem – Diari de Wall Street – Commentary By Robert B. Zoellick (Jan 7)

This year we’ll find out how serious he is about protectionism. So far the signs aren’t good.” – Enllaç (basat en subscripció)

Russia to fight EU retaliatory duty bid over pigmeat ban – – Per Eugene Vorotnikov, a Voronezh, Rússia; i Keith Nuthall (Jan 8)

The Russian government will fight an application by the European Union (UE) at the World Trade Organization (OMC) for permission to impose retaliatory trade sanctions worth €1.39 billion over Moscow’s ban on EU pork and pigs.” – Enllaç

Post-Brexit trade talks set to start soon – Fabricació d'aliments (REGNE UNIT) – By Rick Pendrous (Jan 8)

“La següent 12 months will prove pivotal in determining whether the UK can negotiate a favourable free-trade deal with the EU that meets the needs of food and drink manufacturers.” – Enllaç

White House preparing for trade crackdown – Polític – By Andrew Restuccia and Doug Palmer (Jan 7)

As Trump returns to a key campaign pledge, upcoming closed-door meetings will shed light on how aggressive the president plans to be.” – Enllaç

McKinney throws down Canadian trade gauntlet – Premsa de granja – By Holly Spangler (Jan 8)

USDA undersecretary for trade doesn’t mince words about what Canada needs to do to make NAFTA negotiations happen.” – Enllaç

Canada files WTO complaint against US over trade rules – BBC News (Jan 10)

The action comes amid disputes between the two countries over areas such as dairy, aircraft sales and lumber as well as efforts to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.” – Enllaç

Mexico will leave NAFTA talks if Trump triggers process to withdraw – Reuters – (Jan 10) – Enllaç



L'agricultura a la venda dura per als joves de Zimbabwe – IRIN – Els Tawanda Majoni (DEC 27)

“Per a molts joves, la ciutat és una promesa més que l'àmbit” – Enllaç

Uganda’s ‘Super Beans’ – an Answer to Food Insecurity? – allAfrica / Deutsche Welle – By Frank Yiga (DEC 22)

They’re a bio-fortified seed varietythey’re drought tolerant, have high nutritional value and attain good yields.” – Enllaç

U. Eyes Increased Pumping From Central Valley ProjectKQED News / Premsa associada (DEC 29)

The Trump administration said Friday it will look at revving up water deliveries to farmers from California’s Central Valley Project…” – Enllaç

Meet the Woman Using CRISPR to Breed All-Male “Terminator Cattle” – Ressenya de tecnologia MIT – By Andrew Rosenblum (Jan 10)

Gene-editing technology has big potential in farm animals. It has been used to create pigs immune to viruses and sheep whose wool grows longer.” – Enllaç


Avoiding GMOs isn’t just anti-science. It’s immoral. – El Washington Post – By Mitch Daniels (DEC 27)

It’s time to move the argument to a new plane. For the rich and well-fed to deny Africans, Asians or South Americans the benefits of modern technology is not merely anti-scientific. It’s cruel, it’s heartless, it’s inhumane — and it ought to be confronted on moral grounds that ordinary citizens, including those who have been conned into preferring non-GMO Cheerios, can understand.” – Enllaç

Què ’ s passant amb glifosat – AgWeb – Per Sonja Begemann (DEC 27)

“Mentre glifosat ha estat utilitzat per més de 40 anys, alguns reguladors i grups d'activistes accelerant d'acusació contra l'herbicida popular.” – Enllaç

When Picking Apples on a Farm With 5,000 Rules, Watch Out for the Ladders – De Nova York – By Steve Eder (DEC 27)

Produce growers represent a textbook example of what businesses describe
as regulatory fatigue. President Trump is tapping into the discontent.” – Enllaç

Foods containing GM golden rice can be sold in Australia and New Zealand – Aliments Navigator Àsia – Per Gary Scattergood (Jan 3)

Products containing traces of golden rice, which is genetically modified to produce beta-carotene, should be able to be sold in Australia and New Zealand, regulators have ruled.” – Enllaç

Attorneys General support Prop 65 injunction – Granja futurs (Jan 4)

NAWG filed suit in November 2017 challenging Proposition 65, which would label glyphosate as a carcinogen.” – Enllaç

Want to fix agriculture? Stop with the name-calling — and death threats. – Washington Post – Per Tamar Haspel (Jan 5) – Enllaç

Once And For All, Here’s What Science Says About GMOsFuturism – Per Alexandra Ossola (Jan 10)

The further we move from facts and the truth, the harder it is to come to rational conclusions on these subjects.” – Enllaç