Notícies relacionades amb la tecnologia d'ag, biotec, Comerç- i potser alguns altres temes interessants que hi ha relacionats amb l'agricultura-es publicaran en aquesta pàgina durant tota la setmana (com la setmana progressa nous elements seran a verd al fons de les seccions). Sigui segur per tornar i comprovar la pàgina durant la setmana.


As the first total solar in years passed across a large swatch of the United States, so did round one of talks between Canada, Mexico and the US for revising NAFTA. If someone wanted to tell a bad joke, they could say the eclipse overshadowed the NAFTA talks. Però… it is probably likely that more people were tuned into watching the eclipse than are aware of the trade talks being revisted.



Nafta Nations Say Quick Deal on Table as Inaugural Talks End – Bloomberg – By Andrew Mayeda (Agost 20)

Next round of talks scheduled for Sept. 1-5 a Mèxic”- Enllaç

Special report: Bt corn opening potentials for corn exportSunStar (Filipines) – by Ian Ocampo Flora (Agost 19)

It is no secret that the genetically modified (GM) crop Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) corn has contributed a great deal to the country’s recent remarkable corn production.” – Enllaç

Argentina opens borders to US pork – GlobalMeatNews – By Aaron McDonald (Agost 18)

For the first time since 1992, Argentina will allow US pork to enter the market.” – Enllaç

South Korea lifts US poultry ban – GlobalMeatNews – Per fortuna Aidan (Agost 21)

The government of South Korea has lifted its ban on imports of US poultry and poultry products.” – Enllaç

The Destructive Path of Protectionism – Bloomberg veure – By Ramesh Ponnuru (Agost 24)

Tariffs subsidize narrow interests. For Americans as a whole, the record is one of almost unrelieved failure.” – Enllaç

Beijing questions US trade probe but hints at concessions – Nikkei revisió asiàtic (Agost 25)

China says majority of trade surplus involves end products for foreign companies” – Enllaç



Can We Feed The World With Farmed Fish? – NPR, La sal – By Alastair Bland (Agost 15)

“… éssers humans’ appetite for seafood is outpacing what fishermen can sustainably catch. But new research suggests there is space on the open ocean for farming essentially all the seafood humans can eat.” – Enllaç

Genome editing CRISPR technique takes center stage – Deshidratant – Els Krissa Welshans (Agost 17)

Sold-out event addresses role of emerging technology on human, animal and crop health.” – Enllaç

Most countries lose out with forest-to-farm conversions – SciDevNet – By Claudia Caruana (Agost 16)

The team analysed deforestation and crop distribution and studied the trade-offs between agricultural benefits, carbon emissions and losses of multiple ecosystem services…” – Enllaç

Hyderabad: UoH scientists develop transgenic riceTelagana Today (L'Índia) – By M. Sai Gopal (Agost 21)

Research between UoH scientists, Canada and China yields new variety with ability to use water more efficiently.” – Enllaç

Mozambique Harvests Its First Genetically Modified Maize – (Agost 14)

“[T]he aim is assist the productive sector with drought resistant and insect tolerant seeds…” – Enllaç

IBM food companies collaborate on blockchain initiativeMeat+Poultry (Agost 22)

“…explore how blockchain technology can improve the safety and transparency of the food supply chain” – Enllaç

University of Wisconsin virtual dairy farm uses AI to improve farm management – Reporter lacti – Per Mary Ellen Shoup (Agost 23)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) has started a two-year “virtual dairy farm brain”project that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data in real time helping dairy farmers improve their management decisions.” – Enllaç


APEC experts discuss agricultural technology – Xinhua (Xina) (Agost 21)

“…the group will continue strengthening the criteria on food safety, dealing with challenges in food security, promoting sustainable application of bio-fuels in cultivation and hi-tech agriculture to mitigate climate change impacts, and speeding up technology transfer to develop a food value chain in the region.” – Enllaç

‘Smart label’ could tackle fraud, bolster food safety – Navegador d'aliments – Per Katy Askew (Agost 21)

Scientists have developed what they describe as a “low-cost, portable, paper-based sensor” that could be used produce “smart labels” that detect food spoilage and contamination.” – Enllaç

10 amazing GMOs that you need to know about – AgDaily – Pel Dr. Carol Curchoe (Agost 16) – Enllaç

European Commission to further review Bayer-Monsanto merger – Premsa granja occidental (Agost 22)

Bayer still hopes to complete merger transaction by end of 2017.” – Enllaç

Italy introduces country of origin labels for pasta and rice – Navegador d'aliments – Per Katy Askew (Agost 25)

Rice and pasta products on sale in Italy will be required to carry country of origin labels from February.” – Enllaç

Genetically-modified crops included in Queensland climate change plans – Brisbane vegades (Austràlia) – By Felicity Caldwell (Agost 21) – Enllaç

Zimbabwe: Minister Incensed As UZ Don Exposes Govt ‘LiesOn GMOs – / (Agost 23) – Enllaç