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Congratulations to the 2017 World Food Prize Laureate, Dr. Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina from Nigeria, announced as this year’s recipient at an event Monday, juny 26 in Washington, DC held at the US Dept. of Agriculture.

2017 World Food Prize LaureateDR. AKINWUMI AYODEJI ADESINA, the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), will be recognized as the 2017 World Food Prize Laureate. Through his roles over the past two decades with the Rockefeller Foundation, at the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), and as Minister of Agriculture of Nigeria, Dr. Adesina has been at the forefront of galvanizing political will to transform African agriculture through initiatives to: expand agricultural production, thwart corruption in the Nigerian fertilizer industryand exponentially increase the availability of credit for smallholder farmers across the African continent

Read more at the World Food Prize websiteclick here.


US suspends imports of Brazilian -By Aidan Fortune (juny 23)

The US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has suspended all imports of fresh beef from Brazil due to safety concerns.” – Link

USDA proposes to allow cooked chicken from ChinaFood Navigator Asia -By Joe Whitworth (juny 21)

A proposed rule to allow China to export cooked chicken from poultry slaughtered in the country to the US has been described as a slap in the face to American consumers by a congresswoman.” – Link

EU hopes for free trade deal with Japan ‘very soon’ – The Mainichi (Japó) / Kyodo (juny 27)

We are right now in an intense phase of our negotiations. We hope to close an agreement in principle very soon” – Link



Pesticide regulation talks threaten UK food supply chainFood Manufacture (UK) -By James Ridler (juny 19)

Poor EU decision making about the future of crop protection products could jeopardise the UKs supply of cost-effectively produced food and cost farmers more than 1bn, warned the National Farmers Union (NFU).” – Link

Farm Babe: From organics to GMOs, any farmer can be an excellent conservationistAgDailyBy Michelle Miller, Farm Babe (juny 20)

Despite the fact that we are in a fast-paced, tech-savvy industry, people in general still seem to have a romantic image of farming. They want to envision beauty the red barns, the families, the beautiful scenery, amber waves of grain. The good news is we can have both technology just allows us to keep the lands more pristine than in generations past.” – Link

HLB-citrus greening disease confirmed in AlabamaWestern Farm PressBy Cary Blake (juny 22)

HLB was found in leaf and insect samples from a residential property on Dauphin Island in Mobile County.” – Link

How to get rid of weeds by crossing them with GM cropsThe Economist (juny 22 edition)

Domesticating weeds in order to destroy them” – Link

Urban ag provides only small environmental benefitsFeedstuffs (juny 22)
New analysis of urban ag in northeastern U.S. finds regionalgreenbenefits consumers expect could be meager, at best.” – Link
Japan’s satellites bring new auto farming, stock management eraThe Land (Australia) – By Andrew Marshall (juny 27)

“…Hitachi, is trialling a range of different technologies enabling farmers to run driverless machinery or remotely calculate pasture and soil moisture conditions to make better grazing management decisions.” – Link



Review: In Food Evolution, Scientists Strike BackThe New York TimesBy Daniel M. Gold (juny 22)

With a soft tone, respectful to opponents but insistent on the data, Food Evolution posits an inconvenient truth for organic boosters to swallow: In a world desperate for safe, sustainable food, G.M.O.s may well be a force for good.” – Link

Europol: False organic certification continues to be major problem for food industryFood Navigator -By Niamh Michail (juny 23)

Counterfeit certification labels, such as fake organic orprotected designation of origin (PDO) labels, continues to be a major problem for the European food industry, according to a report by Europol.” – Link

Take Feta. Add Frites. Stir in European Food Rules. Fight. – New York TimesBy James Kanter (juny 21)

Fights over culinary traditions are common in Europe, where countries are fiercely protective of their gastronomical heritage, and the rule books are full of regional food and drink that are protected.” – Link

This Cornell scientist saved an $11-million industry and ignited the GMO warsBusiness InsiderBy Erin Brodwin (juny 23) – Link
Syngenta ordered to pay $217.7 million to Kansas farmers in GMO corn caseReuters (juny 23) – Link
Economic study suggests the extent and cost of food waste are dramatically overstatedFood Navigator USABy Elizabeth Crawford (juny 26)

The increasingly loud debate about food waste could easily lead one to believe it isthebiggest issue industry currently faces, but new study in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics suggests most estimates are overblown and many proposed solutions are off-base.” – Link

California to list glyphosate as cancer-causing; Monsanto vows fightReuters (juny 26) – Link

*Nota – see column aboutCA Prop 65

EPA, U.S. Army Move to Rescind WOTUSAgWebBy Ben Potter (juny 27)

“…the EPA, Department of Army and Army Corps of Engineers announced they are proposing a rule that rescinds the Clean Water Rule, a 2015 regulation that sought to clarify water resource management in the U.S. and attempted to define waters of the United States, or WOTUS.” – Link