Notícies relacionades amb la tecnologia d'ag, biotec, Comerç- i potser alguns altres interessants elements que hi ha relacionats amb l'agricultura-es publicaran en aquesta pàgina durant tota la setmana (com la setmana progressa nous elements seran a verd al fons de les seccions). Sigui segur per comprovar periòdicament.


Seems rather appropriate to put this article up top to see. This is what it’s all about….

Finding the next generation of Norman Borlaugs to help feed the world – Des Moines registre – By Daniel P. Finney (Mar 11)

“[P]eople with different talents and skills can help feed the world…” – Enllaç


So why havescience superheroNeil deGrasse Tyson in the main photo for this page? Pou, because he’s the narrator for “Evolució de l'alimentació” which is one of the film selections being screened March 14-26 during the Environmental Film Festival in Washington, DC.

See the story on that, and other items of interest below


China to attend Trans-Pacific Partnership meetingUPIBy Elizabeth Shim (Mar 13)
“Xina, though not a member state of the original Trans-Pacific Partnership signed by 12 Països, has agreed to send a delegation to attend ministerial-level meetings in Chile..” – Enllaç
Trump’s trade agenda faces challenge in winning over Republicans – MarketWatch – Per William Mauldin & Jacob M. Schesinger from The Wall Street Journal (Mar 13)

Republican lawmakers are showing increasing resistance to President Donald Trump’s trade agenda, worried that his plans could hurt exports from their states and undermine longstanding U.S. alliances.” – Enllaç

Trump’s attack dog on trade – Polític, The AgendaBy Megan Cassella (Mar 11)

The California professor behind Trump’s anti-China policy is a mini-Trump himself.” – Enllaç

Ross says trade deal with Japan a ‘very high priority’ for Trump administration – Els temps de Japó / KYODO (Mar 11)

The comment was taken as suggesting that the United States may propose talks for a bilateral FTA during a high-level economic dialogue the two governments are planning to start in April.” – Enllaç


Ross told reporters thatsometime in the next couple of weekshe hopes to send a letter notifying Congress that the Trump administration intends to launch NAFTA negotiations in 90 dies.” – Enllaç

Com u. Farms Win and Lose When Competitors Rise – Bloomberg – Per Alan Bjerga, Blacki Migliozzi and Cindy Hoffman (Mar 13)

“Durant molts anys, U. dominance as the top agricultural exporter has been slipping even as rising sales have allowed producers to prosper. En poques paraules, other countries have been able to catch up as they develop more farmland and improve their own trade prospects.” – Enllaç

Trump Boosts South America Trade Talks, Brazil Minister Says – Bloomberg – By Raymond Colitt and Bruce Douglas (Mar 10)

The Mercosur customs union plans to launch trade talks with Canada, L'Índia, and maybe South Korea and Japan in the next 18 mesos, while cutting its own red tape using morepragmatism and less ideology…” – Enllaç

UK looks to supercharge EU trade deals post-Brexit – El telègraf (REGNE UNIT) – By Tim Wallace (Mar 12)

“[T]hey [REGNE UNIT] are now looking at making this an interim position with the aim of making an even freer deal later, because the existing [UE] deals include chunks of protectionism added in by other EU governments in the negotiation stages previously.” – Enllaç

Vietnam Looks for Trade Deal with US – VOA (Mar 14)

Some observers say Prime Minister Nguyen has a good chance to reach a trade deal with the U.S.” – Enllaç

World prepares to move on without U.S. el comerç – Polític, The Agenda – Per Adam Behsudi (Mar 14)

Competitors say they have no choice but to take the money U.S. businesses would have earned otherwise.” – Enllaç


Organic is a single part of a sustainable food system, and only works in certain contexts: estudi – Navegador d'aliments – By Louis Gore-Langton (Mar 13)

Organic may be less sustainable and less beneficial to consumer health than previously thought, according to new research.” – Enllaç

GM BWX-resistant bananas start their journey to the farmer – Cornell Aliança per a la ciència – By Patricia Nanteza (Mar 6)

This planting of this multi-location trial is as historic as it is important in the journey to take GM bananas to farmers in Uganda, and later throughout the region. For a GM crop to reach the farmers/consumers, it has to go through phases.” – Enllaç

Creole maize reveals adaptation secrets – SciDevNet – By Lucina Melesio (Mar 10)

Results will help breeders to obtain varieties better adapted to local conditions” – Enllaç

Avian influenza global spread raises concern for next human pandemic and poultry production – ABC Rural (Austràlia) – Per Sarina Locke (Mar 13)

Forty new countries have reported avian influenza since November 2016, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health, OIE.” – Enllaç

‘Tactical sciencenew strategy for U.S. seguretat alimentària – Premsa granja sud-oest – Els documents de Hawkes Logan (Mar 9)

America’s food supplyis under continuous threat from numerous foreign, emerging, and endemic pests, malalties, and toxic elements, such as contaminants…” – Enllaç

Maize engineered to silence deadly toxins in poisonous mould – Nou científic – By Chelsea Whyte (Mar 10)

This GM corn can police the Aspergillus fungus on its own cobs and stop it producing poisonous aflatoxin that causes liver disease and cancer.” – Enllaç

Florida’s citrus production slides to historic low – Premsa de granja del sud-est – Per Brad Hair (Mar 9)
Florida citrus growers continue to lose ground in their decade-long fight against citrus greening disease, falling to a record low production this season.” – Enllaç
Say Hello to Finger-Lickin’ Lab-Grown Chicken – Ressenya de tecnologia MIT – By Jamie Condliffe (Mar 15)

The first animal-free chicken strips are here—but they’ll cost you $9,000 per pound.” – Enllaç


U. approves 3 more types of Simplot GMO potatoes for sale this yearThe Idaho StatesmanBy Keith Ridler, Premsa associada (Mar 13)
They are safe for the environment and safe to eat, officials announced.” – Enllaç
The battle over genetically modified food makes it to film – El Washington Post – By Vicki Hallett (Mar 11)
The rising tension between ­anti-GMO crusaders and researchers striving to improve crops is the focus of “Food Evolution,” a documentary narrated by science superhero Neil deGrasse Tyson.” – Enllaç
MediumNatural Assumptions — My failed attempt to defend Organic Farming- By Iida Ruishalme (Febrer 23)

Having to change a deep-seated world view can be exhausting and painful. I am thankful for this experience and see it as a reminder to stay respectful of others, no matter what beliefs they may hold.” – Enllaç

ABC News to Face South Dakota Jury Over ‘Pink Slime’ Story – Diari de Wall Street – By Peg Brickley (Mar 14)

Judge Gering, in rejecting ABC’s bid to have the case dismissed, said a jury could find the network was pursuing “a negative spin” on the story before conducting any research and that Mr. Avilla had an anti-meat-industry agenda.” – Enllaç

The land of plenty we take for granted – Premsa de granja del Delta – Per Hembree Brandon (Mar 13)
The abundance of packaged, processats, pre-cooked, foods in just one supermarket is incredible, and we take it all for granted.” – Enllaç
Key Element of Monsanto Weed Killer Not a Carcinogen, European Agency Says – De Nova York – Per Danny Hakim (Mar 15)

“Glyphosate should not be classified as a carcinogen, que és, as a substance causing cancer,” Tim Bowmer, chairman of the committee for risk assessment at the European Chemicals Agency, said at a news briefing. “This conclusion was based both on the human evidence and the weight of the evidence of all of the animal studies reviewed.”Enllaç

Vegeu tambérelated to some claims made by the NYT author a rebuttal in Glifosat: NYT’s Danny Hakim Is Lying To You

Glyphosate found ‘not carcinogenic’: Key European safety agency joins consensus view on herbicide’s safety – Projecte d'alfabetització genètica – By Andrew Porterfield (Mar 16)

Why the controversy?… Opponents of genetic modifications of crops often use it as a symbol of the potential harm…” – Enllaç

Expanded WA Upper House crossbench problematic for future GM crops – FarmOnline (Austràlia) – Per Colin Bettles (Mar 13)

Labor’s comprehensive victory at the weekend’s WA election raises questions about the future status of plant biotechnology development in the large grain cropping and exporting state due to an expanded Upper House crossbench.” – Enllaç