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As we all know by now, Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States and will be taking office in January 2017.

Aside from a few protests primarily on college campuses or urban areasconveniently organized by MoveOn.org, George Soros, et al, to stoke publicity via televsion images giving perceptions of rebellionthe peaceful transition of power in the U.S. is underway once again. ?Just as it was in 2008 with Barack Obama being electedjust as it was after the 2000 with the Florida recount dragging through the end of that year before the country knew for sure whether George W. Bush or Al Gore would be the next Commander-in-Chiefand just as it has been after every single national American election whether the winner won both the Electoral College and popular vote or just the former. ?Basically, every single time.

The system works, and it’s time to look ahead and be prepared for what policy challenges are in front of us. ?Aquí, that revolves around agricultural technology and trade issues. ?Therefore, below are some news items of interest that revolve around those items, and obviously trade was a key, key piece of the election campaign and it’s important to keep abreast of what’s going to happen on that front.

As past transitions have shown, campaign stump rhetoric doesn’t always transpire into actual governing or doesn’t become as dramatic as initially thought (although rolling back regulatory overreach would be quite welcome Trump Would Appoint Farmer to Lead EPA, Eliminate WOTUS?Sept 29 at AgWeb). ?President Obama ran for office sounding quite anti-trade and espousing many of the same themes as Donald Trump did this past year.

If a similar scenario is to unfold with the Trump Administration and trade, it may take some time for things to play out, as indicated by the info below bia Politico’s Morning Agriculture alert on Nov 11:

President-elect Donald Trump’s administration could begin withdrawing from NAFTA in as little as 200 days after taking office, and it may finalize a decision to drop the TPP in its first 100 days, according to an internal transition team document described to POLITICO. Those two goals, if realized, could spell bad news for agricultural sectors dealing with surpluses – porc, per exemple – and complicate trade relations with Canada and Mexicothough it’s uncertain whether Trump will follow through on those designs once in the Oval.

The document described to POLITICO was produced by Trump’s D.C.-based transition team, which, apart from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, has had little contact with the president-elect so far. En altres paraules, there’s no guarantee that Trump will take up every recommendation once he gets to the White House. The detailed, 21-page roadmap features a summary and rationale for the plan and is interspersed with quotes of policy promises Trump made on the campaign trail.

But then, according to some news items below there are possibly some initial softening steps back being taken on campaign rhetoric.


President Trump: What’s Next for Ag? – AgWebBy Ben Potter (novembre 9)

From Trump?s June 2015 announcement he would run for president all the way to the November 2016 presidential election, only one constant has held true ? nothing goes quite as it has been predicted…”




Top tax-writing Republican says TPP trade deal not dead in CongressYahooNews! / Reuters (novembre 15)


Obama Administration Gives Up on Pacific Trade DealWall Street JournalBy William Mauldin (novembre 11)

Congressional GOP leaders indicated they wouldn?t consider Trans-Pacific Partnership in lame-duck session


Trade Under TrumpForeign PolicyBy Phil Levy (novembre 10)

President-elect Trump managed to tone down his campaign rhetoric when it came to congratulating Clinton on the race she had run. It remains to be seen whether there will be any similar moderation in trade.


America’s Brexit: What Trump means for world tradeCNNMoneyBy Jethro Mullen (novembre 9)

Global trade is stuck in a deep malaise and may even be suffering fromcardiac arrest””


EU Trade Commissioner: Hard to Say What Trump Win Means for TTIPBloomberg PoliticsBy Amanda Billner (novembre 9)


EU-U.S. free trade deal is not dead after Trump victory: Alemanya – Reuters (novembre 9)


Seems the Germans can’t make up their mind

Transatlantic trade deal ‘not realisticunder Trump, German official saysThe GuardianBy Julian Borger (novembre 15)
McConnell dashes hopes for Pacific trade deal vote before Trump takes officeReutersBy David Lawder (novembre 9)

It’s certainly not going to be brought up this year,” McConnell said of the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) at a news briefing in Washington.


China pushes Asia-Pacific trade deals as Trump win dashes TPP hopesReuters (novembre 10)


Alliance alive but trade deal dead: Trump to TurnbullAustralian Financial ReviewBy Phillip Coorey, Primrose Riordan (novembre 10)


Trump’s view on trade could shift once in Oval Office, expert saysBuffalo NewsBy Matt Glynn (novembre 9)

I think once in office, Donald Trump will see the benefits of trade for the economy and for advancing U.S. interests around the world in a somewhat different light than he has as a candidate.?


A Trump policy adviser is already walking back tough talk on tradeWashington PostBy Ana Swanson (novembre 10)

“triomf?s policy advisers may already be walking back some of his more aggressive rhetoric surrounding trade.

Enllaç: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/11/10/a-trump-policy-adviser-is-already-walking-back-tough-talk-on-trade/?

Straight Talk on TradeProject SyndicateBy Dani Rodrik (novembre 15)

“[H]ad economists gone public with the caveats, uncertainties, and skepticism of the seminar room, they might have become better defenders of the world economy


TPP bill signed by Parliament as US signals its endRadio New Zealand (novembre 15)


Australia signals support for Chinese-led trade deals to replace TPPThe GuardianBy Katharine Murphy (novembre 17)

With the Trans-Pacific Partnership?s future ?looking grim?, Steve Ciobo says Coalition would back free trade zone



Donald Trump urged to champion US crop biotech innovationQueensland Country Life (Austràlia) – By Colin Bettles (novembre 11)


Elimination of genetically modified crops would cause hike in greenhouse gas emissionsKnowridge Science Report (novembre 10)


GMO seeds are sustaining Colorado?s sugar beet farms, but new labels could damage already shrinking industryDenver PostBy Jennifer Brown (novembre 6)

While Roundup-resistant seeds help beet farms thrive, federal labels could shrink share of sugar market


Scientists apply for GM wheat trial in UKBBCBy Pallab Ghosh (novembre 4)

Researchers have applied for a licence to carry out a trial of a genetically modified wheat crop in a small field in Hertfordshire.


Científics? ?Open Letter? to NY Times? Public Editor brightlines Danny Hakim?s ?misleading? GMO article -?Projecte d'Alfabetització genètica – per?


Survey Shows Two Thirds of Public Supports GM CropsCrop Biotech Update (Ishaaa) – novembre 9


Academy declares GMOs beneficial for consumptionThe Guardian (Nigèria) – By Tayo Oredola (novembre 17)

“[Nigerian Academy of Science], during a media roundtable on GMOs in Nigeria at its office in Lagos, said the country was ready for the products and that they were safe for both production and beneficial to the nation based on carefully-documented evidence


OMG, Conventional, Organic: Why There’s More Similarity Than You ThinkForbes.comBy Neva Cochran, MS, RDN, LD (novembre 15)



i, under the moniker of self-righteous sounding arguments, take a look at the following two items. ?It really does boil down to justmarket protection”…

What?s Organic? A Debate Over Dirt May Boil Down to TurfNew York TimesBy Stephanie Strom (novembre 15)

“…so what this really is about is market protection.?


NOSB debates organic status of carrageenan, tocopherols, marine algae, hydroponics?-?Nutraingredients USA -?By Elizabeth Crawford (novembre 16)

Organic industry stakeholders from across the nation are gathered in St. Louis today for what promises to be a highly contentious three-day meeting during which the National Organic Standards Board will debate the role of hydroponic production, carrageenan, tocopherols and marine algae in organic production and products, as well as other hot button issues.



HSUSDecides to be Political Operation, Aggressive Push for Veganism” – AgWeb, Farm Journal BroadcastBy Ashley Davenport (novembre 9)


Massachusetts Voters Ban Gestation Crates, Battery CagesAgWeb/MILKBy Anna-Lisa Laca (novembre 9)

Animal rights activists gained a foothold in Massachusetts during Tuesday?s election.


Sonoma County voters ban genetically modified cropsSan Franciso ChronicleBy Filipa A. Ioannou (novembre 9)


Florida Votes to Release Millions of Zika-Fighting MosquitosWIREDBy Marley Walker (novembre 10)


New Dicamba Formulation Approved for Over-the-Top UseAgWebBy Sonja Begemann (novembre 9)


Feed industry: US biotech policy review needs to focus on international tradeFeed NavigatorBy Aerin Einstein-Curtis (novembre 11)

US feed organizations and grower groups are calling for additional efforts to improve international regulatory communication and approval processes in an ongoing review of national biotechnology regulation.

Chickens are people and other lies I learned reading the Huffington PostFarm ProgressBy Mindy Ward (novembre 3)


Budge the BargeAgWebBy Chip Flory (novembre 9)

Grain farmers seek waterway upgrades,?but progress remains slim


Boulder County committee resumes review of GMO phase-outLongmont Times-Call (Colorado) – By John Fryar (novembre 13)


Food scientists must stand up and be counted?- Food Manufacture UKBy Rick Pendrous (novembre 4)

“Científics ? including those in food science and nutrition ? need to start explaining to politicians and the public generally some potentially uncomfortable truths, or risk being shackled with policies that are not evidence-based, a leading scientist has warned.

Biotechnology Coordinated Framework update seen falling short in key areasFood Business NewsBy Josh Sosland (novembre 14)


NFU reviews neonics emergency applicationFarmers Weekly (UK) – By Philip Case (novembre 16)

?The NGOs and ministers were doubting the need for neonics but this autumn quite clearly showed there was one


Cause for concern over claims of ?dangerous? glyphosate in wine, breast milk, cereal, etc.? – Projecte d'Alfabetització genètica – per??