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This Thursday, de novembre 24 is Thanksgiving in the United States and we wish everyone celebrating here, and also our viewers around the rest of the world, a great week.


Pacific Rim Nations Push Back on Free-Trade SkepticismWall Street JournalBy Ryan Dube and Carol E. Lee (novembre 20)

APEC leaders in Peru said they hoped to persuade the next U.S. president of trade?s benefits, while China indicated at the summit it was ready to take the lead in promoting trade


Window on Washington: The Future of TradeCouncil on Foreign Relations, CFR Events (novembre 18)

Experts discuss the future of U.S. trade policy in light of the recent election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency.


Mexico Seeks Trump Talks to Modernize Nafta, Pena Nieto Says – Bloomberg – By John Quigley (novembre 19)


Latin American economies look to China for free trade optionsSouth China Morning PostBy Laura Zhou (novembre 20)

As US backing of the TPP looks shaky under Trump, Chile and Peru consider Beijing-backed alternative


Two items via USA Today:
‘Don’t assume the worstof Trump on trade, Obama says in Peru (novembre 19), i?Trans-Pacific Partnership may not be dead yet (novembre 21)
Donald Trump: US to quit TPP on first day in officeBBC News (novembre 22)

He made the announcement in a video messageboutlining what he intends to do first when he takes office in January.


China Has Warned of Retaliation if U.S. Levies Tariffs, Commerce Secretary SaysjWall Street JournalBy Ian Talley (novembre 22)

Beijing?s response if President-elect Donald Trump follows through on pledge could harm economy, Penny Pritzker warns


No chance for food embargo to be lifted soon, says Putin?- GlobalMeatNewsBy Vladislav Vorotnikov (novembre 23)

Russia aims to maintain its food embargo for as long as possible to protect investment in the country?s meat industry, Russian president Vladimir Putin has claimed.


With an Eye on Hunger, Scientists See Promise in Genetic Tinkering of PlantsNew York TimesBy Justin Gillis (novembre 17)

“…increased the productivity of a test plant ? tobacco ? by as much as 20 per cent…That is a huge number, given that plant breeders struggle to eke out gains of 1 o 2 percent with more conventional approaches.


China is on a mission to modernize African farming?and find new markets for its own companiesQuartzLily Kuo (novembre 16)


How GMOs Help Us Reduce Food Waste & Its Environmental ImpactForbes.comBy Kate Hall (novembre 18)


Co-existence possible between genetically modified and conventional cropsNew Zealand FarmerBy Pat Deavoll (novembre 18)


Researchers track climate change risk to feed crops, animal production in US?- Feed NavigatorBy Aerin Einstein-Curtis (novembre 18)

Soil and water management top mitigation plans for US farmers to address climate change risk, says?expert.


Iowa farmer challenges activist Vandana Shiva after ?myth-filled? anti-GMO lecture – Projecte d'Alfabetització genètica – per??

While I appreciate Vandana Shiva?s?passion for the environment and crop diversity, most of her claims have been readily debunked. Her campaigns are subsidized by?millions of dollars of contributions by organic food companies to spread lies about conventional agriculture to push an agenda.


Here’s a ‘longletter to the editor about Shiva’s visit to Drake Univ. in the Nov 14 Des Moines Register by Aman Mann, the daughter of GFN member Gurjeet Singh Mann (Índia): ?Genetically modified crops benefit farmers

ConfoundUpSnopes.comBy Alex Kasprak (novembre 16)

A laboratory test performed by food activists is going viral, but its results and the allegations drawn from them are not reliable.


EPA schedules new SAP for glyphosate review for Dec. 13-16 – Delta Farm PressBy Forrest Laws (novembre 17)

In documents released earlier this fall, EPA said it has determined glyphosate is probably not carcinogenic in humans, a finding shared by such organizations as the European Food Safety Agency and the New Zealand equivalent of EPA.


Hawaii GMO Seed Companies Win Big In Appeals Court RulingsHonolulu Civil BeatBy Anita Hofschneider (novembre 18)

“Els EUA. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals concludes that Hawaii counties don?t have the right to regulate agriculture.


Court ruled correctly on anti-GMO lawsThe Garden Island (Kaua’i, Hawaii) – per?Allan Parachini (novembre 20)


US Senators: We need faster GM approval process by China?- Food Navigator Asia By Aerin Einstein-Curtis (novembre 18)

Several US Senators have called on the Obama administration to make the approval process for GM products a focus in upcoming trade talks with China.

‘Fundamental to future food production’: Brexit may allow farmers to grow GM cropsFarming UK (novembre 19)
NOSB votes to keep ?OMG 2.0? techniques out of organic?- Food Navigator USABy Elizabeth Crawford (novembre 22)

To protect organic crops and products form the ?incursion? of rapidly developing genetic engineering, the National Organic Standards Board voted last week to recommend USDA expand and strengthen the definitions of excluded methods under organic regulations.