L'Associació Trans-Pacífic (TPP) està signat aquesta setmana a Auckland, Nova Zelanda i voluntat llavors passar a ratificació per les dotze Nacions socis individuals… No obstant això, la gran notícia del moment és ChemChina mirant per adquirir Syngenta. That and other news items of interests are below

Xina / Syngenta:

BloombergChemChina Offers Over $43 Billion for Syngenta (Febrer 2 by Bloomberg News) – If completed, the deal would help Chairman Ren Jianxin transform ChemChina into the world’s biggest supplier of pesticides and agrochemicals, while snatching an asset coveted by St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. It also underscores the importance China attaches to owning seed and cropcare technology that can boost agricultural output and help feed the world’s biggest population.

De Nova YorkSyngenta Board Seeks Approval of ChemChina’s $43 Billion Offer (Febrer 3 by Chad Bray and Amie Tsang) – “China is on the hunt for strategic resource deals to provide for the long-term security of its huge population.

StratforHow Technology Might Reshape China’s Future (Febrer 2 by Rebecca Keller) – “There are two main drivers behind China’s emphasis on technology: national security and future export potential.


Seguretat alimentària / Seguretat alimentària:

Navegador d'alimentsCould consumers see GM as an eco-friendly food choice? (Febrer 3 by Niamh Michail) – “Swedish researchers have suggested that food labelled both GM and eco-friendly may become commonplace in the futurebut is this an idea consumers will buy into?”

Notícies de seguretat alimentàriaPublisher’s Platform: Could announcing July E. coli outbreak have prevented Chipotle’s fall (Febrer 3 by Bill Marler) – “[Chipotle] could be facing criminal charges, a stockholder’s lawsuit, and the lawsuits and probable lawsuits in multiple states from the nearly 500 customers from six foodborne illness outbreak in the last several months”…

IPS, Inter Press ServiceRabbit Farming Now a Big Hit in Zimbabwe (Febrer 2 by Jeffrey Moyo) – “…Zimbabweans are turning to rabbit farming, which has continued to transform many lives economically.

NaturaIndia needs home-grown GM food to stop starvation (Jan 27 by Anurag Chaurasia).

The Yorkshire Post (REGNE UNIT) – It’s 20 years since the first GM foodand Sheffield University wants to discover why there’s still scepticism (Febrer 2 by Arindam Reg).


Zika / GM mosquito:

Forbes.com Mosquito Wars Update: Would You Choose GMO ‘Mutants,’ Pesticides Or Dengue And Zika Viruses? (Febrer 1 by Judy Stone) – “There has been hysteria and misinformation in the press about “mutant” mosquitoes being unleashed causing the end of the world, so I want to counter misconceptions and debunk conspiracy theorists”…


Comerç / TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership:

ReutersMcConnell to Obama: I have ‘some problemswith Trans-Pacific Partnership (Febrer 2)

El turóStaying on top with TPP (Febrer 3 by John Neuffer) – “The TPP is good for the semiconductor industry, the tech sector, the American economy, and the global economy…”