Building Better, More Resilient Food Systems


Ruramiso Mashumba, GFN member from Zimbabwe, was a speaker at The Chicago Council’s symposium on food security.

What short and long-term solutions and collaborations across value chains are necessary to minimize the food crisis and strengthen the global food system? Ruramiso talked about the need for a holistic approach to helping farmers. She said it should include information, a place to access the inputs, financing, and the necessary technology. Without all of these together, resources are wasted if farmers are only getting one piece of the puzzle.

Ruramiso Mashumba

Ruramiso Mashumba

Ruramiso Mashumba is serving the GFN as Regional Lead: Africa. Ruramiso is a young female farmer from Marondera, Zimbabwe and founder of Mnandi Africa, an organization that helps rural woman combat poverty and malnutrition. She is currently studying for an MBA in sustainable food and agriculture. The trailblazing farmer holds several accolades and achievements to her name that is testimony to the outstanding work she is doing in the Zimbabwean agricultural sector. Ruramiso has been recognized as the 2020 GFN Kleckner Award recipient.

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