Brazil-Harvest and Planting


Charles Peeters is a member of the Global Farmer Network. He farms in Brazil. Here, he’s sharing a video during his busy season when the soybeans are harvested and the corn is planted immediately after.

Charles Peeters

Charles Peeters

Charles' family farm business was started in 1985 by his parents. They produce 3,500 hectares in a sustainable intensified agriculture operation with soybeans, corn as a second crop and cattle in an integrated crop-livestock management system. The farm is in the middle of Brazil.
Charles' father was a pioneer in the adoption of no-till technology, and in the production of corn as a second crop. He has passed away and now Charles and his sister lead the family company.
The farm participates in a farmers group that conducts its own research program looking for better technologies and crop management systems for the sustainability and efficiency of their farm business.
In addition to using no-till for the past 31 years, the farms soil is permanently covered using cover crops. Nutrient management is balanced with crop yields using precision agriculture tools. The farm produces about 15 tons of grains/hectare/year and conserves at least 10 tons of dry matter over the soil, protecting soil biological activity and biodiversity and mitigating water erosion.

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