Big Organic Fundraising Money Sways Senator Prior to Food Labeling Vote, Other News




Stabenow sides with organic companies after fundraiser – Politico – Mar 15 – By John Bresnahan and Anna Palmer

Four organic-food industry executives held a fundraiser on Friday for Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow ? the Senate?s leading Democrat on agriculture issues ? just days before the chamber was set to take up a controversial bill with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line for U.S. food companies.


Senate Dems block GMO labeling bill – The Hill – Mar 16 – By Jordain Carney

Senate Democrats on Wednesday blocked legislation that would create a voluntary national standard for labeling rules for foods with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)…”[We’re voting on]?whether or not to prevent a wrecking ball from hitting our entire food supply chain,” he said, adding that state laws will cause “havoc.”


Anti-GMO Students Bruise a Superbanana – The Wall Street Journal – Mar 14 – Commentary by Julie Kelly

Research on the vitamin-fortified fruit could help malnourished Africans, but well-fed collegians at Iowa State University want no part.


Have farmers been accidentally creating GM crops for 3,000 YEARS? Grafting ancient plants caused them to share genes -?Daily Mail (UK) – Mar 15 – By Richard Gray

[It] appears genetic engineering may be far older than previously realised as ancient farmers may have been doing it accidentally for millennia.


Future of gene-editing hangs in the balance?- Food Manufacture (UK) – Mar 11 -?By Noli Dinkovski

The fate of growing gene-edited crops in the UK hangs in the balance with the European Commission set to publish a report on whether they should be considered genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).

Anti-trade Republicans press Trump advantage – The Hill – Mar 15 – By Alexander Bolton

The anti-globalization message has also won support in the Democratic primary, where Bernie Sanders was the upset victor in Michigan over Hillary Clinton.


If You Dislike TPP, You Might Dislike The Alternative More – – Mar 15 – by John Brinkley

One thing you can count on is that America?s credibility among its friends and allies will take a beating.


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