سجل ثلاثة مزارعين من الشبكة العالمية للمزارعين تحياتهم على 4 لكل 1000 ندوة عبر الإنترنت في ديسمبر 2020. المزارعون هم غابرييل كاربالال من أوروغواي, Knud Bay-Smidt from Denmark and Gurjeet Singh Mann from India. Listen as they tell about the importance of protecting the soil for future food production and for carbon sequestration.

What is the 4 لكل 1000 initiative? The world’s soil contains 2 إلى 3 times more carbon than the atmosphere. Increasing this storage of carbon by 4 parts for 1000 in the top 30 or 40cm of the soil could stop the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. This is the proposal of the “4 parts for 1000, soils for food security and climate”. Learn more about using ag to fight climate change.