UPDATE في مارس 28, 2019:

Exciting news from Annechien that Hamletz won ‘Agricultural Entrepreneur’ إلى عن على 2019 في هولندا!

Congratulations to our GFN member in the Netherlands!

Boerderij – [translated] – Winner Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year 2019: Hamletz (مارس 28, 2019)









عضو الشبكة العالمية للمزارعين Annechien Ten Have Mellema from the Netherlands is featured in this video from Oct 2018 (موقع YouTube).

Translated:Farmer Annechien is the only pig farmer in the Netherlands with two stars Beter Leven. In this video she tells her story. Want to know more about the quality mark? Then go to the website via HTTPS://beterleven.dierbescherming.nl/“.


The video is in Dutch, but even if you cannot understand the language there’s ‘nothing lost in translationabout being able to easily see how much care Annechien and her family put towards the animals on their farm.

GFN is proud to say that Annechien is up for a ‘agricultural entrepreneur of the yearaward and the voting is open to anyonewhich means her fellow Global Farmer Network membersand otherscan support her by casting a vote for her family’s brand of pork, Hamletz!

You can vote via this link: www.agrarischondernemer.nl/stemmen

ملحوظة – the website is in Dutch but it is easy to cast a quick vote as you will seejustaccept cookiesfor the website the work. Then provide your name and email address. Look forHamletzand select that optionthen simply hit the enter button at the bottom.

The last day you can vote is March 27 – so be sure to vote soon!

التصويت Hamletz!