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The story below highlights the longtime work of Gordon Wassenaar.? Gordon has been kind enough to host multiple Global Farmer Roundtable group visits to his farm and was nominated this year’s Iowa Master Farmer class by Global Farmer Network member Pam Johnson (2010 طاوله دائريه الشكل).

Gordon Wassenaar took time during a busy harvest for the Global Farmer Roundtable to visit his farm for a few hours near Prairie City, Iowa in October 2016.

Sharing his farm with the worldWallaces FarmerBy Rod Swoboda (مارس 15)

Gordon Wassenaar has hosted trade teams and other visitors from all over the world for the past 30 years.” – حلقة الوصل
Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2018 Global Farmer Roundtable this coming October in Des Moines.? More information and the online nomination form can be found HERE.


التجارة, المتصلة بالتجارة, بنية تحتية:

China hits back at Trump, slaps new tariffs on U.S. goods worth up to $3 مليار – NBC News / من – By Alice Tidey (أبريل 2)

“”China would never submit if the U.S. launched a trade war,” declared an editorial in a newspaper published by the ruling Communist Party.” – حلقة الوصل

China imposes retaliatory tariffs on 128 US products – مراجعة آسيا نيكي – By Issaku Harada (أبريل 2)

China’s imposition of tariffs, ومع ذلك, is not directly related to planned sanctions by the U.S. against China for its intellectual property theft…” – حلقة الوصل

الامريكى. Envoy Says China Retaliation on Soybeans Would Backfire?– بلومبرغ (مارس 29)

“الامريكى. Ambassador Terry Branstad warned China against retaliatory measures…?any effort to curb U.S. soybean imports would harm regular Chinese citizens more than American growers.” – حلقة الوصل

Abandon tariffs ?before it?s too late?: MOFCOMThe Global Times (الصين) By Huang Ge (مارس 29) – حلقة الوصل

?الهند?s share in world trade in agriculture is just 2 per cent? – Times of India (مارس 28)

The need of the hour is post-harvest management and food processing capabilities” – حلقة الوصل

Finance highlights importance of TPAWorld Trade Online (مارس 30)

The congressional committees with jurisdiction over trade, in separate releases this week, issued a reminder about their authority over trade negotiations and Capitol Hill?s priorities in those talks. The Senate Finance Committee on Friday blasted out an explainer on Trade Promotion Authority…” – حلقة الوصل (subscription-based)

NAFTA nations ‘moving forward in significant way’: Canada’s Trudeau – رويترز – By David Ljunggren (أبريل 5)

Trudeau?s remarks to reporters in Quebec City were the latest in a series of upbeat comments by officials in the three countries…” – حلقة الوصل

White House Defends Trade Policies as Trump Aims New Threat at ChinaNew York Times – بواسطة?Ana Swanson?و?Eileen Sullivan (أبريل 6)

“السيد. Trump also defended his?surprise announcement Thursday night?that the United States would consider an additional $100 billion in tariffs on China, a total that would triple an earlier trade threat.” – حلقة الوصل

Argentina imports 120.000 tons of soy-beans from United StatesMercoPress (أبريل 11)

The surprise move pushed Chicago soybean futures to a one-month high, in the latest development to upend global soy trading after top buyer China last week proposed tariffs on U.S. imports amid an intensifying Washington-Beijing trade dispute.” – حلقة الوصل

Trump directs top economic advisers to negotiate rejoining Trans-Pacific PartnershipFox NewsBy Brooke Singman (أبريل 12)

?The best thing the United States can do to push back against Chinese cheating now is to lead the other eleven Pacific nations that believe in free trade and the rule of law…” – حلقة الوصل


اي جي, AG TECH, ابحاث, إنتاج, الحماية, القضايا ذات الصلة:

This Farmer Wants To Make Quinoa A ‘Thing’ في رواندا – الإذاعة الوطنية العامة – By Malaka Gharib (مارس 27)

Since the crop is easy to grow and packed with protein, Habiyaremye hopes it can provide new nutritious food sources in the region.” – حلقة الوصل

GM crops that produce industrial products could be grown in Britain for first time? – The Telegraph (مارس 29) – حلقة الوصل

The Next Big Thing in Agriculture: Smart Collars for Cows – وول ستريت جورنال – By Mike Cherney (أبريل 2)

Some startups are betting that technology can replace fences and become the dominant way to herd livestock” – حلقة الوصل

In Defense Of An Important Example Of Food System TransparencyApplied Mythology – ستيف سافاج (مارس 28)?

It turns out that the whole idea that consumers should worry about foods that are ?dirty? because of chemical residues is false.” – حلقة الوصل

Genetically engineered salmon farm in Albany underwayThe Star Press (إنديانا) – By Seth Slabaugh (أبريل 3)

A biotechnology company is upgrading a defunct fish farm where it plans to grow AquAdvantage Salmon…” – حلقة الوصل

Two very hungry caterpillars have created a hybrid mega-pest that threatens global food crops – حروف أخبار (أستراليا) – By Dominique Schwartz (أبريل

“…capable of stripping billions of dollars a year from the food and fibre industries…” – حلقة الوصل

Nema to approve trials of GM cotton by next month – النجمة (كينيا) – بواسطة أجاثا شيء (أبريل 6)

The National Environment Management Authority will approve performance trials for genetically modified cotton by next month.” – حلقة الوصل

Israeli agriculture and high-tech form a winning teamGlobes (إسرائيل) – By Yasmin Yablonko (أبريل 5)

From mushrooms that nourish other crops to mass production of edible grasshoppers, Israeli startups are impacting agriculture.” – حلقة الوصل

Deal brings Phytelligence fruit technology to IndiaCapital PressBy Dan Wheat (أبريل 5)

The Seattle agricultural biotechnology company Phytelligence will supply India with modern rootstocks and tree fruit, grape, nut and berry varieties.” – حلقة الوصل

New Gene Editing Tool May Yield Bigger HarvestsVoice of AmericaBy Shelly Schlender (أبريل 4) – حلقة الوصل

Kenya faces huge losses from armyworm, US warnsDaily Nation (كينيا) – By Kevin J. Kelly (أبريل 10)

Up to 50 per cent of an annual maize crop can be destroyed…” – حلقة الوصل

Gene Editing for GoodForeign AffairsBy Bill Gates (أبريل 10)

Over the next decade, تحرير الجين [Criishfri] could help humanity overcome some of the biggest and most persistent challenges in?global health?and development.” – حلقة الوصل


سياسات, REGULATORY, النشاط, آخر:

California judge rules coffee needs cancer warning labelChicago TribuneBy Brian Melley, وكالة انباء (مارس 30)

“[California Prop 65] been widely criticized for abuses by lawyers shaking down businesses for quick settlements.” – حلقة الوصل

Attack of the Killer Cappuccino – وول ستريت جورنال, Editorial (مارس 30)

Californians can look forward to cancer warnings on coffeeBut however feeble the evidence, Prop. 65 encourages trial lawyers and their front groups to sue on behalf of the state by offering them a cut of the civil penalties. Last year Prop. 65 cases yielded $25.6 million in settlements, and more than three-fourths of that sum went to the lawyers.” – حلقة الوصل

Big Governments Go After CoffeeBad News For Starbucks – Forbes.com – By Panos Mourdoukoutas (أبريل 1)

While big governments cannot kick apart a strong habit like coffee drinking, they can ignite fears that comes with a label that has the word ?cancer? on it.” – حلقة الوصل

I’ll take my Starbucks without that California cancer warning, thanksArizona RepublicBy Abe Kwok (مارس 30) – حلقة الوصل

California needs to stop saying everything causes cancerPopular ScienceBy Sara Chodosh (أبريل 4)

?Adults with the highest consumption of acrylamide could consume 160 times as much and still only be at a level that toxicologists think unlikely to cause increased tumors in miceThe state has a history of taking one or two studies to inform their better-safe-than-sorry stance, even if the overall body of evidence contradicts those reports.? – حلقة الوصل


‘Boneless watermelons’? What this new ‘hot fruitcan teach us about non-GMO labels and fear-based marketing -?مشروع محو الأمية الوراثية – By Kevin Folta (مارس 27)

Exclusion labels actively seek to misinform consumers by reinforcing the hypothetical presence of a non-existent threat.” – حلقة الوصل

USDA Has No Plans to Regulate Gene Edited PlantsAgWiredBy Cindy Zimmerman (مارس 29)

USDA has no plans to regulate ?plants that could otherwise have been developed through traditional breeding techniques as long as they are not plant pests or developed using plant pests…”” – حلقة الوصل

Chown: anti-GM cropping activists equivalent of ISIS operatives – FarmOnline (أستراليا) – By Colin Bettles (أبريل 2)

“?It is now patently obvious that the anti-GM movement and its supporters are bereft of any morals and will take any action, whether it is legal or otherwise, to pursue its ideological stance…”” – حلقة الوصل

Technology crucial to high-value agriculture development: GMSViet Nam News (مارس 30) – حلقة الوصل

Organic can be promoted without scare tacticsNew Vision (أوغندا) – By Isaac Ongu (مارس 29)

It is not surprising that the same tactic that was used to scare farmers away from my fertiliser demo is still being used to exclude African farmers from growing genetically modified crops because the price of organics must remain highest.” – حلقة الوصل

Refusing to accept GM food is safe is like climate change denialNew ScientistBy Mark Lynas (أبريل 3)

Environmentalist Mark Lynas, who once destroyed GM crops and then made headlines by ending his opposition, is stepping up his call for reason to triumph” – حلقة الوصل?(subscription-based)

Chinese scientist gets 10 years in U.S. prison over theft of GMO rice – رويترز (أبريل 4)

Zhang was convicted in February 2017 on three counts, including conspiracy to steal trade secrets and interstate transportation of stolen property…” – حلقة الوصل

CFIA now says Non-GMO Project Verified doesn?t mean non-GMO – RealAgriculture (كندا) – By Andrew Campbell (أبريل 5)

If the CFIA [Canadian Food Inspection Agency] isn?t going to keep companies using the Non-GMO Project Verified label honest, هذا?s time people realize they?ve been duped and turn their backs on the companies ripping them off.” – حلقة الوصل

Sharing cash for farmers, one of the biggest post Brexit challenge, say expertsMercoPress (أبريل 10)

Failing to secure new ways to cooperate between the four governments [المملكة المتحدة] will disrupt the economy and hit the environment…” – حلقة الوصل

الامريكى. to Allow Bayer?s Monsanto Takeover – وول ستريت جورنال – By Brent Kendall and Jacob Bunge (أبريل 9) – حلقة الوصل

Delhi High Court dismisses Monsanto plea to enforce BT cotton seed patentThe Economic Times (الهند) – By Madhvi Sally?(أبريل 11)?

“…a finding that will likely have far-reaching consequences for the agriculture sectorThe decision may imperil India?s cotton farmers, said one of the country?s foremost agricultural economists.” – حلقة الوصل?