أخبار البنود المتعلقة التكنولوجيا آغ, التكنولوجيا الحيوية, trade and perhaps some other interesting topics out there related to agriculture will be posted on this page throughout the week (as the week progresses newest items will be inأخضرat bottom of sections). راجع صفحة خلال الأسبوع للحصول على التحديثات.


التجارة, المتصلة بالتجارة, بنية تحتية:

Trump uses tariffs as negotiating tactic in NAFTA talksCNNMoneyBy Patrick Gillespie (مارس 5)

Last week Trump said he will impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from all countries. Over the weekend, his advisers confirmed that no countries are expected to receive exemptions from the tariffs.” – حلقة الوصل

Trump says Canada and Mexico will escape new tariffs only after NAFTA concessionsWashington PostBy Damian Paletta (مارس 5)

Tying NAFTA to the steel and aluminum tariffs shows that Trump is trying to use his new trade gambit as leverage” – حلقة الوصل

Farm Republicans revolt against Trumps steel tax. Warn itll cost him at the polls. – McClatchyBy Franco Ordonez and Lindsay Wise (مارس 2) – حلقة الوصل

Azevdo calls on members to avoid triggering an escalation in trade barriers – منظمة التجارة العالمية (مارس 5) – حلقة الوصل

Trade gap between domestic and imported organic soy & corn raises questions about fraudFood Navigator USA -By Elizabeth Crawford (مارس 5)

In some cases products labeled as organic imported from certain countries exceed the total amount of that product the country could even produce.” – حلقة الوصل

China to scrap US broiler duties following WTO debateGlobalMeatNews.comBy Keith Nuthall (مارس 3)

China has said it will scrap the anti-dumping and countervailing duties it has been imposing on broiler product exports from the United States, following a long World Trade Organisation (منظمة التجارة العالمية) battle over the issue.” – حلقة الوصل

Eyes on the ‘prize’: Canada hosting South American bloc in hopes of accessing free trade with Brazil, الأرجنتين – القومية للبريد (كندا) – By Marie-Danielle Smith (فبراير 28) – حلقة الوصل

Eleven nationsbut not USto sign Trans-Pacific trade dealCNBC / رويترز (مارس 8)

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) will reduce tariffs in countries that together amount to more than 13 percent of the global economya total of $10 تريليون. With the United States, it would have represented 40 percent.” – حلقة الوصل

EU-US trade spat: This is the last thing we need, say EU farmersFood NavigatorBy Niamh Michail (مارس 9)

A trade dispute between the US and EU would hit the agricultural sectors of both countries hard, farming association Copa and Cogeca has warned.” – حلقة الوصل

Trump on Trade: Better Than Smoot-Hawley? – Rasumessen ReportsCommentary By Michael Barone (مارس 9)

Trump’s move is widely depicted as a departure from free trade policies pursued by every administration since World War II. Buthis move is not all that different from what other postwar presidents have done.” – حلقة الوصل

Another Party Line Split, This Time On Tariffs – تقارير راسموسن (مارس 14)

Most Republicans support the new order, but Democrats give it a thumbs down.” – حلقة الوصل

Trudeau Floats Tariffs to Prevent Flood of Steel Through Canada – بلومبرغ – By Josh Wingrove (مارس 13) – حلقة الوصل

Next round of NAFTA talks could begin April 8 – Mexican minister – رويترز (مارس 14) – حلقة الوصل

Is the Trade Resurgence Sustainable? – Knowledge@Wharton, Univ. of Penn (مارس 12)

Amid reports of rising economic nationalism and potential trade wars, what gets missed is that the strong uptick in trade over the last two years looks likely to wind down even without the newest threats.” – حلقة الوصل


اي جي, AG TECH, ابحاث, إنتاج, الحماية, القضايا ذات الصلة:

Experts aim to turn tobacco plant from killer into biofactoryFeedstuffs (فبراير 26)

New varieties of tobacco potentially could produce compounds such as antibodies, vaccines and medicines in a sustainable manner.” – حلقة الوصل

Probiotic fruits: The future of healthy snackingNutraingredientsBy Tim Cutcliffe (مارس 5)

“…agricultural industry needs to take breeding research seriously by testing for heat-tolerant varieties.- حلقة الوصل

Genetic tweak makes plants use 25% less waterYahoo! أخبار / AFP (فرنسا) – By Marlowe Hood (مارس 6)

If major food crops respond the same way, they said, the first-of-its-kind genetichackcould help feed the growing population of an increasingly water-starved world.” – حلقة الوصل

Brazil sugar mills start genetically-modified cane plantation – رويترز – By Jose Roberto Gomes (مارس 2) – حلقة الوصل

Uganda’s researchers ready to taste test their GMO vitamin A-enriched bananaمشروع محو الأمية الوراثية – By Lominda Afedraru (مارس 12) – حلقة الوصل


SCIENTISTS ENGINEER CROPS TO USE 25% LESS WATER; RESIST DROUGHT -Crop Biotech Update, Ishaaa (مارس 14) – حلقة الوصل


سياسات, REGULATORY, النشاط, آخر:

Not just elections? Russia meddles in GMO debate, جدا – The New Food EconomyBy H. Claire Brown (فبراير 27)

If Russia is able to effectively discredit the U.S. biotechnology industryan industry which has considerable public relations problems alreadyit may open up new global markets for Russian exports.” – حلقة الوصل

To Create Conflict, Russians Fuel GMO DebateFuturismBy Dom Galeon (فبراير 28)

Its also worth noting thatGMOs are banned in Russia, as the country claims to be the worlds leading organic crop exporter.” – حلقة الوصل

See also related to issue:

Republicans Accuse Russia of Using Social Media to Roil U.S. Energy Policy -بلومبرغ – By Ari Natter and Alan Bjerga (مارس 1)

“روسيا, which has surpassed the U.S. to become the worlds leading exporter of wheat, has banned production and imports of genetically modified crops. Its rebranding its agriculture asecologically clean”” – حلقة الوصل

الكائنات المعدلة وراثيا: Give farmers a chance to speak outDaily Monitor (أوغندا) – By Emma Naluyima (مارس 2)

“…because actual farmers are too busy on their farms to be part of these debates, arm-chair farmers and NGOs claiming to represent farmers have jumped on this [anti-GMO] activism.” – حلقة الوصل

Monsanto vs illegal seeds: Illegal ones selling at 1.7x show farmers valuetechnologyThe Financial Express (الهند) (فبراير 24)

Illegal ones selling at 1.7x show farmers value technology” – حلقة الوصل

Bill Gates calls GMOs ‘perfectly healthy and scientists say he’s rightBusiness InsiderBy Erin Brodwin (فبراير 27) – حلقة الوصل

Argentina approves GMO varieties for corn and soybeans – رويترز (مارس 6) – حلقة الوصل

Ripe for a rethink: Why the anti-GMO crowd can’t have it both waysFinancial Post (كندا) – By Toban Dyck (مارس 12)

Consumers need to come to intelligent conclusions about the various things for which they criticize the agricultural communityPeople think that just because something is organic, its betterI know of some very toxic organic pesticides. Ones that are very poisonous.” – حلقة الوصل

ال “organiclabel is often meaningless. Here’s the next food phrase big brands are banking on. – MicBy Alex Orlov (مارس 8)

Regenerative agriculture is a bit of a mouthful compared to organic, but theres a good reason why consumers should familiarize themselves with the term: It will start appearing on food labels as a way for brands to demonstrate they work with farmers dedicated to healthy soil.” – حلقة الوصل

Bayer Faces U.S. Hurdles for Monsanto Antitrust NodBlooombergBy David McLaughlin (مارس 15)

The government wants the German chemicals company to divest more assets to resolve its concerns” – حلقة الوصل

Russia’s war on GMOsBoulder WeeklyBy Paul Danish (مارس 15)

So what are the Russians after here?” – حلقة الوصل