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NAFTA negotiators still divided, but cite progress in talksReutersBy David Ljunggren and David Lawder (يناير 29)

“…the bid to salvage the $1.2-trillion free trade pact will continue well beyond the original March deadline as elections loom in Mexico.” – Link

President Trump Hints at Retaliation Against EU for Unfair Trade PoliciesWall Street JournalBy Wiktor Szary and Emre Peker (يناير 28)

“الامريكى. president said Ive had a lot of problems with European Unionfrom a trade standpoint” – Link

See also: The EUs distortion of public health unfairly hurts US agricultural produce

Trump Wont Announce Nafta Withdrawal in State of Union, Sources SayBloomberg PoliticsBy Josh Wingrove and Jennifer Jacobs (يناير 27) – Link

Rasmussen ReportsAmericans Still Favor Use of Protective Tariffs (يناير 26) – Link

Davos: DG Azevdo calls on members to match words of support for the WTO with deeds – منظمة التجارة العالمية (يناير 26) – Link

Forget about NAFTA and Korus; TPA could be the spoiler for U.S. tradeFarm PressBy Logan Hawkes (يناير 22)

TPA renewal could be crucial for U.S. trade agreements” – Link

EU and Mercosur execs meet to clinch controversial trade -By Oscar Rousseau (يناير 31)

Senior officials from the EU and Latin American trade bloc Mercosur comprising Argentina, البرازيل, Paraguay and Uruguay have met in Brussels to push a divisive free trade agreement over the line.” – Link

Trump Says US Has Turned Page on TradeRoll CallBy Ellyn Ferguson and Hugh T. Ferguson (يناير 30)

The era of economic surrender is totally overLink


Louis Dreyfus in industry first: blockchain based soy dealFeed Navigator -By Jane Byrne (يناير 25)

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), Shandong Bohi Industry (Bohi), ING, Societe Generale and ABN Amro have completed the first full agricultural commodity transaction using a blockchain platform.” – Link

تنزانيا: New Maize Variety for Drought Prone RegionsallAfrica / Tanzania Daily NewsBy Fatma Abdu (يناير 26)

The variety has been developed in understanding that drought has become a serious threat to maize production in Tanzania and across Africa…” – Link

How China Plans to Feed 1.4 Billion Growing AppetitesNational GeographicBy Tracie McMillan (Feb 2018 issue)

As more Chinese crave Western-style diets, the booming nation rushes to industrialize an agricultural economy long built around small farms.” – Link

China pushes technology development to modernize agricultureXinhua (يناير 29)

The future of China’s agriculture sector lies in agricultural modernization, and the key to advancing agricultural modernization lies in the development of technology” – Link


How Do You Assess if a Chemical Causes Cancer? – SlateBy Guy-Andre Pelouze (يناير 24)

Years of testing glyphosate, part of the most widely used herbicide in the world, has shown us that the chemical is not carcinogenic. Why cant we believe it?” – Link

Stonyfield Slammed for Using Children to Scare Consumers About Monstrous TechnologyCenter for Science in the Public InterestBy Gregory Jaffe (يناير 26) – Link

See also:

Today’s Food: A Modern Agricultural MiracleThe Heartland InstituteBy Steve Goreham (يناير 24)

Environmentalists label modern farming as unsustainable, blaming farming for polluting the planet and destroying the climate. But todays food is abundant and nutritious…” – Link

EU review of Bayer’s Monsanto bid postponed furtherReutersBy Ludwig Burger, Foo Yun Chee (يناير 30) – Link

Stop the Food Label Fear-MongeringUS News & World ReportBy Tom Vilsack (يناير 30)

We all lose when food manufacturers create labels that play on consumers fears.” – Link

Coffee may come with a cancer warning in CaliforniaCNNBy Jen Christensen (يناير 31)

The state keepsa list of chemicalsit considers possible causes of cancer, and one of them,acrylamide, is created when coffee beans are roasted.” – Link

USDA and FDA sign agreement on oversight of foodFood Quality News (

The US FDA and USDA are to look at ways to streamline regulatory responsibilities, reduce inspection inefficiencies and use government resources more efficiently.” – Link