أخبار البنود المتعلقة التكنولوجيا آغ, التكنولوجيا الحيوية, trade and perhaps some other interesting topics out there related to agriculture will be posted on this page throughout the week (as the week progresses newest items will be inأخضرفي الجزء السفلي من أقسام). Check the page during the week for updates.


This week US President Trump is traveling through Asia and trade is clearly a big item and will be a major point of discussions a number of times during the trip.

Note:After the new New Zealand PM’s recent comments about ‘renegotiatingthe TPP, now the Canadian PM has made some comments about ‘not rushingthe TPP (see below). If one stands back views the overall picture with a bit of dispassionwhile the US has justifiably taken flak for stepping back on trade leadership, it appears that blame can also be spread around to quite a few other countries, or blocs, on any number of different issues.

Social medialove it or hate it, it’s changed the way people communicate. But, not necessarily always in a good way as ‘badinfo or ‘fake newscan spread fast and far and once it’s out it’s nearly impossible to dispel, let alone retract. A few recent articles on this topic and how it’s related to food and ag are included below.


التجارة, المتصلة بالتجارة, بنية تحتية:

Trump touts solidarity with Japan but refuses to shy away from tradeThe Japan TimesBy Tomohiro Osaki (نوفمبر 6)

Im committed to achieving a fair, free and reciprocal trading relationship, Trump said. We seek equal and reliable access for American exports to Japans market in order to eliminate our chronic trade imbalances and deficits with Japan.حلقة الوصل

Decoding Trumps China Trade Strategy – وول ستريت جورنال – By Jacob M. Schlesinger (نوفمبر 5)

Presidents first official trip to the country he has branded an economic enemy could raise more questions than answers on his plans” – حلقة الوصل(subscription-based)

Donald Trump begins 12-day Asia trip, Japan first port of call – Livemint (الهند) – By Elizabeth Roche (نوفمبر 6)

For India, US govts increasing use of the term Indo-Pacific is of particular interest” – حلقة الوصل

Aust, NZ remain committed to TPPAustralian Assoc. PressBy Colin Brinsden (نوفمبر 5)

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull and his New Zealand counterpart Jacinda Ardern have thrown their support behind the TPP in their first official meeting.” – حلقة الوصل

Jacinda Ardern seeking TPP concessions at first appearance on international stageStuff (NZ) – By Vernon Small (نوفمبر 6)

Ardern and her minister have to walk a fine line between rejecting the TPP, if the ISDS clauses are not changed,and the advantages the trade pact offers exporters, particularlyin the Japanese market.” – حلقة الوصل

‘EU may talk free trade but they don’t do it!’ Trump’s trade chief BLASTS Merkel’s legacyThe Express (المملكة المتحدة) – By Oli Smith (نوفمبر 6) – حلقة الوصل

Canada’s progressive push for the updated TPP might not come so easyCTV News (كندا) – By Andy Blatchford (نوفمبر 7) – حلقة الوصل

Trudeau says Canada ‘will not be rushedinto signing renewed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade dealCBC NewsBy John Paul Tasker (نوفمبر 8)

Trudeau’s comments Wednesday leave open the possibility Canada could sit on the sidelines while other countries put pen to paper on a new deal.” – حلقة الوصل

أنظر أيضا رويترز

Chinas Technology Ambitions Could Upset the Global Trade OrderNew York Times (نوفمبر 7)

Even before the Communist Revolution, China obsessed about absorbing foreign technologyBut Made in China 2025 is more ambitious than anything the government has ever attempted, a national industrial policy that aims to project a new type of global might and influence.” – حلقة الوصل

American Agriculture Cant Afford to Lose out onTradeFarm Bureau NewsBy Hope Pjesky (نوفمبر 8)

“…some of the products we take for granted in our grocery stores wouldnt be available without trade…” – حلقة الوصل (Note: the author is a member of the Global Farmer Network)

اي جي, AG TECH, ابحاث, إنتاج, الحماية, القضايا ذات الصلة:

EU weedkiller row leaves French winegrowers with a hangoverAFP (فرنسا) (Oct 25)

The vast majority of producers cultivating western France’s famed Bordeauxgrapes are heavily reliant on weedkillers including glyphosate.” – حلقة الوصل

Genetically modified apples are headed to grocery stores in the MidwestChicago Tribune / بلومبرغ – By Lydia Mulvaney (نوفمبر 6)

The purpose of Arctic apples is definitely to promote healthy eating, boost apple consumption and reduce food waste, no matter what your age, income, or any other factor” – حلقة الوصل

National Best Farmers express interest in learning more about agricultural biotechnologyGhanaWeb (نوفمبر 2)

“…they need accurate information to dispel speculations that have portrayed this science as an evil that must be detestedحلقة الوصل

Biological pesticides may pull integrated pest management out of a bogSoutheast Farm PressBy John Hart (نوفمبر 1)

Biological pesticides can play a role in integrated pest management. IPM is all about ecosystems and a systems-based approach to controlling pests.” – حلقة الوصل

RNAi Key for Pest Research – AgWeb – بواسطة كريس بينيت (نوفمبر 6)

“مرض, drought, pests and much more are fair game for RNAis unprecedented accuracy.” – حلقة الوصل

Genetically modified apple reaches US stores, but will consumers bite? – طبيعة – By Amy Maxmen (نوفمبر 7)

Success for the Arctic apple could herald a new wave of lab-grown foods.” – حلقة الوصل

Smallholder Farmers to Gain from Gene Editing TechnologyCrop Biotech Update, Ishaaa (نوفمبر 2) – حلقة الوصل

Vitamin E in Maize Could Lead to More Nutritious Crop -Crop Biotech Update, Ishaaa (نوفمبر 8) – حلقة الوصل


سياسات, REGULATORY, النشاط, آخر:

Repetition can often make it true and forget about the scienceThe Western Producer (كندا) – By Robert Arnason (Oct 31)

Thanks to wondrous platforms like Twitter and Facebook its now possible to say glyphosate probably causes cancer fifty million times in a month.”” – حلقة الوصل

Relax, You Dont Need to Eat CleanNew York TimesBy Aaron E. Carroll (نوفمبر 4)

By fretting about food, we turn occasions for comfort and joy into sources of fear and anxiety.” – حلقة الوصل

How agro companies use GMO as battleground for market spaceDaily Trust (نيجيريا) – By Vincent A. Yusuf (نوفمبر 5)

Europe is fighting America in this technologyit is more of a trade war than a scientific war.حلقة الوصل

We are those big, GMO farmersAgWeekBy Kate Lambert (نوفمبر 5)

Shortly after our oldest child was born, I started reading everything the search engine returned about how to feed children theright way.It would be a few more years before I realized this is almost never a good idea.” – حلقة الوصل

Gene technology regulator examines Omega-3 genetically modified canolaThe Weekly Times (أستراليا) – By Lydal Reading (Oct 31) – حلقة الوصل

Chipotle stockholders suit says company, CDC kept secretsFood Safety NewsBy Coral Beach (نوفمبر 3)

Documents show CDC investigated 14 foodborne outbreaks linked to Chipotle, beginning in 2014” – حلقة الوصل

Groups Praise USDA Revisit of Biotechnology ReviewsDTN, Ag Policy BlogBy Jerry Hagstrom (نوفمبر 7) – حلقة الوصل

European farmers say glyphosate deadlock shows mistrust in EU bodiesEuractivBySarantis Michalopoulos(نوفمبر 5) – حلقة الوصل

Hydroponic Veggies Are Taking Over Organic, And A Move To Ban Them FailsNPR, The SaltBy Dan Charles (نوفمبر 2)

The battle is over more than philosophy. It’s about market share.” – حلقة الوصل

Is ‘Natural FlavorHealthier Than ‘Artificial Flavor’? – NPR, The SaltBy Natalie Jacewicz (نوفمبر 3)

Ingredients extracted from nature are not necessarily safer than something artificially mademany deadly toxins are produced in natureand in some cases, natural flavors may have more detrimental environmental consequencesحلقة الوصل

EPA approves genetically modified mosquitoes to fight ZikaNew York Daily NewsBy Constance Gibbs (نوفمبر 8) – حلقة الوصل

Confusion over GMOs must stop, farmers tell a listening FDASoutheast Farm PressBy John Hart (نوفمبر 8)

Two farmers told a public hearing sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration that biotechnology allows farmers to increase yields while using less fuel, less chemicals and with less impact on the environment.” – حلقة الوصل

Large U.S. farm study finds no cancer link to Monsanto weedkiller – رويترز – By Kate Kelland (نوفمبر 9)

Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI), the study found there was no association between glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsantos popular herbicide RoundUp, and any solid tumors or lymphoid malignancies overallThis is the largest study of agricultural workers in history, over the longest period of time”… It is the gold standard,… and it definitively demonstrates in a real-world environment that glyphosate doesnt cause cancer.” – حلقة الوصل

أنظر أيضا – EU hits deadlock over license for Roundup herbicide (رويترز, نوفمبر 9)